Like Cas said, I love this roleplay too much for words, so please stay active, and I'll love you to!

Friday: Report cards come out! That means we get a half day today, so we're all heading out to go shopping, and eat sushi. 

I was walking, carrying my bags, along with Noora, Ara, and Bijou. I felt like the only one who was actually terrified about being caught, yet I always tried to remain my cool. That was, until I heard that freak-pill-popping girl say, "But why would they kill Caroline? I mean, if any of them did do it, it would be Yasmin and Noora. Ara and Bijou would never do that."

My jaw tensed up. Why does everyone automatically point the finger at me? Just because I was a bitchh, didn't mean I was a cold-blooded killer! These damn girls were just jealous of me. I couldn't handle this anymore. I spun around on my heels, fire burning in my eyes. 

"What did you just accuse me of?" I asked forcefully, wanting to punch that ugly bitchh in the face.

"They didn't say anything, Yasmin," Clio tried covering it up. She was a terrible liar.

"You." I pointed at that freak who called me a killer. "Who do you think you are?" 

She stammered her words, blinking a lot. 

"Don't accuse me of sh*t, you don't know what happened that night, and neither do I." I snapped.

"And I would beg to differ." Oceane muttered under her breath.

"Why are you here? Mari and Clio are Billing's girls now. They don't need you." I spat, putting a hand on my hip. Clio and Mari looked worried, glancing back and forth from me, and the B girls, to Ro and Oceane.

"We can be friends with both of you girls," Clio pipped up, trying to smile.

"That's not allowed anymore." I spun back around, while Noora threw them a smirk, Ara looked down at her shoes, and Bijou looked freaked out. 


Someone can finish off the story or add on, or something! Just trying to bring more drama in <3
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