song: lifeline- kenny holland

this song kinda reminds me of twenty one pilots at the beginning. you should try it out. it's pretty depressing though, just warning you. tomorrow new people are coming to tour the school! fingers crossed that i find someone cool! i really hope that someone comes and we are like two peas in a pod(just like all my other gorgeous friends at school).

who else is obsessed with this shirt? i really hope i'm not the only one because that would be pretty sad. i'm really missing summer, so i just had to do a set with shorts. it's started to get slightly warmer in dc. i mean today it rained and was like 40 degrees(fahrenheit), but on saturday it was in the 60's. it hasn't been below freezing in two-ish weeks, so i hope that spring comes soon.

i get a free block tomorrow in latin, so i'm just a little psyched out for that. i started reading little dorrit again. i hadn't had time to read it for the past month or so, so i'm proud of myself for reading a chapter yesterday. the chapters are long, so i feel accomplished. that's all that is going on in my monotonous life. i hope your day was a bit more eventful than mine!

comment your favorite season why(that sounds like a question you would hear in english class lol) if you have read this far

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i hope you like the set and have a good day!

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