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 {Kristina Romanova} 
True Love: Cornelius 
Kingdom: Obsidian 
Title: Commoner 
Biography: Thumbelina only has a mother. It's not because they were abandoned by her father but because her mother never married and struck a deal with the fairies in order to be a mother. Thumbelina was born from a flower and, as such, has always been a bit smaller and more delicate than other people. She is as sweet and as beautiful as one too, with a gentle soul that would never bring anyone harm. She knows she was born due to fairy magic and has always desired to meet one. Thumbelina is constantly day dreaming and finds herself most content when she is alone in the forest outside of their house. Her mother does not, however, like it when she is out there too long. It is not the safest of places. While Thumbelina assures her that she never goest into it that far, her curiosity and innocence often gets the better of her. With the evil Horned King looking for a wife to call his queen, Thumbelina is truly in much more danger than she thinks. Her innocent beauty has caught his attention, and he will stop at nothing to kidnap her. Thumbelina, as kind as she is, has no idea of the fate ahead of her. Her head is too far in the clouds, thinking only of true love and fairies, to see the darkness that lurks around her. 
Collection/Story Board: {fill in} 
Status: OPEN


I was looking out the window enjoying the weather. It had been one of the prettiest days in weeks, I had noticed. My mother had been gone a couple hours, she went to town to pick up some bread, and also get some fruits from the trees nearby our cabin. I really wanted to go out and explore the forest since I hadn't been in a couple days. Usually I went out everyday but it has been so rainy, and I had been helping mother around the house. I went over to my bedroom door and opened it, grabbing my tiny slipper shoes out of the closest and slipping them on my pale feet.

"Hey Mia." I said as i picked up the little cat who was resting her hand on our steps. I had found her a year ago wondering the forests and brought her back with me. She loves to explore with me so usually I take her with me. When she goes out on her own she always finds her way back. I can honestly say I have grown quite attached to that cat. 

I looked around to see if I seen mother coming back but still no signs. I started walking towards the trees and into the big forest ahead of me. I loved the sound of the birds chirping, and I even loved the wind blowing my hair all over my face. I walked over to a spot I loved to sit and read in. There was flowers all around it and it was under a huge tree. I went there to relax and just enjoy the nature.

There was a weird thing about this spot though. Every time I fell asleep here I would always dream the same thing. I would get picked up by fairies, and we would fly over all the kingdoms. It was strange and I never dreamed at all any where else. I guess that was another reason I liked this spot.

The only thing that I disliked about the spot was I always felt like someone was watching me. It made me anxious and very nervous, but it couldn't stop me from coming back, never.

I had dozed off asleep, just as soon as I started to dream, I heard a voice.

"THUMBELINA." My mother yelled. It sounded closer each time she had yelled. My mother hated me going into the forests, she had become very paranoid.

I jumped up and grabbed Mia who was sleeping beside of me. She was very lazy today. I started walking toward the cabin when I ran into my mother. 

"What have I told you about these forests." she said with a sigh, she sounded relived. 

"You know I like to go to my tree mother." I said petting mia who lay asleep in my hands.

"and you know I do not like it." she said with a worried look on her face. she dusted off the sleeves on my top.

 "Come on, its almost time to eat." she said putting her arm around me as we started walking back.
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