Tell Me, Mama - Bob Dylan



I was tagged by : @awesomeberry 

A- Available: Not to you

B- Birthday: September 23rd

C- crushing on: Bob Dylan 

D- Drink you had last: water

E- Easiest person to talk to: Oh, I don't know.

F- Favorite song- Right now, Young Blood - The Beatles

G- Gummy bears or gummy worms: Bears?

H- Hometown: Oz

I- In love with- Bob Dylan
J- Just realized there wasn't one: ...k

K- Killed someone: What a question.

L- Longest car ride- I don't know -- I fell asleep along the way.

M- milkshake flavor- I don't remember what a milkshake tastes like

N- Number of siblings- I don't even know that! ha

O- One wish: If I shared my one wish, it wouldn't be a wish anymore -- it'd be a public hope that no one could make happen.

P- person you called last: My mama

R- reason to smile: whatever makes you happy.

S- song you last sang: Corrina, Corrina - Bob Dylan

T- time you woke up : 6

U- underwear color: you're creepy

V- vegetable- fruit.

W- worst habit- apparently 'always having to make a noise' 

X-rays you've had- zeeerrroo

Y- years you lived we're you live- 3? I think.

Z- zodiac sign: Virgo or Libra -- it's right at the crack.

Favorite animal: elephants and grizzly bears

What colors do you wear the most- Black or a collection of various bright, vibrant, blinding colors -- maybe sometimes both! You're in for a surprise then.

Least favorite color: You

What are you listening to: It Don't Come Easy - RINGGGOOOO

Can you whistle: i think so

Do you believe in magic: Paul McCartney. 

Love at first sight: no

Do you believe in Santa: I believe in Neil Young 

Do you like roller coasters: Have never been.

Have you been on a plane: Si

Have you been to the ocean: Of course, of course.

What was the last thing you bought: Bootleg Series, Vol. 9 - The Witmark Demos

What was the last thing on TV you watched: That Jimmy Fallon thing.

Do you cry when you get an injury- I'll let you know when I get injured.

Are you a happy person- 'I don't consider myself to be happy or sad'

What is your hair color- Brown or something

I'll tag : @madeline78 @kirbyjenn @thisisimpossible @xsweetsandheartsx @janjoplin @classic-rock-olivia @golddustwomanxx 
And any other creature who longs to answer questions may take this and do what you please with it.
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