i've been so psyched about finally being able to write again & it's so crazy 'cos i've had the inspiration to write about a much older & married character with the usual marriage issues... so this would be perfect. shall tag the mods once this is done ;)

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Name: Alice Jane Bradshaw (nee Hartman)
Age: 27
Occupation: owner & co-founder of luxury online retail portal, The Luxe Closet
Hometown: New York City
Personality: Alice is a charmer and naturally commands attention when she steps into the room. She has no qualms striking conversations with strangers and she always says the right things at the right time - something that got her to the top of the food chain in the fashion industry. She's also notorious for being a perfectionist - right up to the littlest of details - both at work and her own personal life, which either meant getting the best results at work or pissing people off (usually both). Alice, however, is obsessed with perfection so much that she's built a picture perfect image of her life for the public - faking a smile on her worst days, making sure not a strain of hair is out of place, and even dragging her husband into the charade just so she could live her fairytale happily ever after. Though as much as she always has to get things go according to her ways, Alice would never stoop to the level of playing dirty tricks - her huge ego just wouldn't allow it.

- Alice was born to an influential family in upper class NYC, so she's no stranger to the finest of things that life could offer. Her family owns one of the world's leading finance and insurance company, her dad being one of the country's richest and powerful men. When her mother died due to cancer though, Alice was raised by her stepmother, a Hollywood actress her dad had remarried just a few months after his wife's passing. She was taught the right manners, the proper ways to be a lady, and that she should always smile because the world was watching her - Alice still hasn't decided if she should despise her stepmother or thank her instead for moulding her to be who she is today. Her relationship with her dad, however, was strained since he remarried and they seldom talked or spend time together.
She attended only the finest private academy in New York before leaving home for college in Paris, where she studied more about fashion and also business when she interned for Chanel during her final semester. Paris was like a miracle for Alice, because it led her to two of the most important people that changed her life - her best friend and co-founder of her online retail, Heather McKane, and the love of her life, Grayson Bradshaw. 
It was love at first sight when Alice first met Grayson during an after party at a fashion event, and after they returned to New York, the couple tied the knot in the grandest of weddings and was officially dubbed 'the next It-couple' by tabloid magazines worldwide. Their daughter, Eva Valentine, completes the picture perfect family and Alice had the fairytale life that she dreamt of.
But happily ever after it wasn't, when Alice discovered that Grayson had been having string of affairs behind her back - dating from when Eva was born. So she did what every perfect wife would do - nothing. She chose to feign ignorance and keep on pretending that her life is perfect as it is. And she'll do anything to make sure that it stays that way.

Likes/Interests: working (workaholic much?!), vintage shopping in Paris, baking cookies with Eva, coffee (first thing in the morning), fashion shows, dressing up in couture pieces, discovering new labels, intellectual conversations, meeting her favorite designers or icons in real life, social events, compliments, travelling, sunny island vacations, playing stylist for Grayson

Dislikes/Boredom: bad hair days, heavy rain, paparazzi taking photos of her on her bad hair days, liars, things not going as planned, being late, cold coffee, fries, showing her true emotions in public
Model: Leighton Meester
Taken by: @n-zy
Relationship status: married to Grayson Bradshaw, heir to the Bradshaw Aviation multi-billion dollar empire. they have a 3-year-old daughter, Eva Valentine, together.
Storyboard: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=129368902
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