the way i loved you | taylor swift

WOW, this is late and super short, most of the july stories will be, just trying to catch up. 

Ella Delaney
CDAN – July 27, 2012

When something traumatic happens, like infidelity, people tell you that keeping busy will help stave off the depressing thoughts, and moods. 

So when I found Teddy in bed with another man I threw myself into work and being busy, and when I wasn’t busy I’d lock myself in my room and read possible scripts, t.v. pilots and the like. 

For a while it worked but after my disastrous trip to Kansas all I wanted to do was sleep, only to realize that I had a gala the next day. 

Which was how I found myself being pinned and prodded to death by my stylist and makeup artist simultaneously, both trying to create what they referred to as ‘red carpet’ magic with only an hour till the gala started. 

“Explain this to me again,” My stylist asked, buttoning my gown behind me. “You spent the whole day shooing everyone away from the house and now you expect to be ready in less than an hour?” 

“She expects you to shut up and do what you’re being paid to do, get her ready, not be her f-cking life coach.” Teddy never liked hair and makeup and today wasn’t anything new.

I wanted to tell him to just let them do their job but after picking me up from the airport early this morning and supporting me when I broke down, I felt like he was the only thing I had that was close to family right now.

“Are we done?” I asked, catching a glance of myself in the mirror and not entirely hating what I saw.

“Yeah you’re done love, come on.” Without waiting for the professionals to tell me otherwise, I let Teddy lead me down stairs and into the awaiting limo.

The ride towards the venue was quiet, with soft background noise filtering in through the speakers. 

“So, you still don’t want to tell me what’s wrong?” 

I shook my head.

“I saw my mom, there’s really no other explanation needed, is there?”

“No, I guess not.”

It was silent after that until we got to the gala where the paparazzi’s flashing bulbs and incoherent screams pierced through the calm in the car.

“Let’s just get this over with,” I whispered, my eyes widening with anxiety.

It was only Teddy’s strong grip on my hand the steadied me the rest of the night.
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