✞ Ellie ✞ 
> Where: In London @ her family's home.
> When: December 25th
> Makeup / Hair : Loose Curls 
> Wearing: In set.
> Scent : Daisy Perfume by Marc Jacobs
> Soundtrack : Fineshrine || Purity Ring
> Tags: @kels-3y 

> It was Christmas day at the Wright residence in London, England. A skinny but tall townhouse which had a total of three floors. The top floor being all of Ellie's moms room, the second floor holding a bathroom, Ellie's 8 year old sister Rebecca's room, a parlor area, an office for Ellie's mother and another empty room which in the future would be occupied. On the ground floor was another bathroom, Ellie's old room {which remained there despite her having moved out two years ago to live with Dominick}, the kitchen and of course the living room where all the festivities for today were set up including a beautiful tree Dominick, Ellie and Rebecca had gone out to the countryside to cut down three days ago then decorated two days ago while Ellie's mom had still been at work. It was nice to be home for the holidays despite her now being married and having a home of her own. Hell, it was just nice to be back home in general since the last time Ellie had been there was five months ago when Dominick and herself had visited while on their honeymoon. Lots had changed since then, but the most obvious change was the swollen belly beneath Ellie's Christmas sweater which she had had to gone out to buy since all her others did not fit with the change in her belly. Yes indeed, Ellie was pregnant with her and Dominick's first baby. The gender remained a secret although as one of Dominick's gifts that morning she would reveal to him the true gender of the little one growing well in her belly. Presently the girl lay with her head on her husband's chest lazily staying in her old Queen size bed allowing her to just remain there with her eyes closed until they opened a bit hearing the sounds of feet running down the stairs, most likely belonging to Rebecca at the still crazy hour of 6:00 AM.
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