lauren jennings; 21
occupation; student/waitress
hometown; albuquerque, new mexico
tribe; timbira
short bio; my name's lauren. i'm in my last year of college right now and i'm studying to...well, i haven't gotten that far yet. whatever. i'm a member of kappa delta epsilon at dartmouth, and yes, i like to party. don't ask me any questions, because i hate answering them, especially if you're trying to get on my good side. i used to have a pet snake, but she died last year. her name was seraphine. go f-ck yourself.
model; selena gomez
taken by; @the-clary-project
>what are some of your strengths? your weaknesses?

my strengths are probably that i'm in good shape (here's looking at some of the older idiots here who think they're actually fit) and i have a mind for planning. i'm usually the one who makes the plans for our parties and invites the best frats, so, like, it's probably applicable here, right? planning? yeah. i think so.

>how do you think your tribe-mates will perceive you? 

i don't really give a sh-t. because anyone who claims to get to know me after spending time with me on this show is bullsh-tting. i sure as h-ll probably won't be myself here, and neither will they.

>how would you like them to perceive you?

as competition. i don't care if they think i'm a b-tch or think i'm the best thing since sliced bread or whatever. i just want them to be afraid.

>what's your main strategy?

never back down. i do not quit, i do not back down, i do not show weakness. i do not hook up, either, but i might change that rule if there's someone really hot.

>what would you do with the million dollars?

move to london. fall in love. fly to paris on the weekends.
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