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Gooooood morning everyone. Again, I apologize for two things. 1.) The terrible mood I was in the last time I made an appearance, and 2.) For not having done anything on here in a week.

I've been working on two things. 1, I withdrew from my sewing class because I decided it made me horrifyingly stressed out and I was going to fail it, which would not be worth it as I am 99% sure I want to switch my major to graphic design [with a bend on illustration.]. 
And 2, I've applied for the Disney College Internship program to work at Disneyland this fall semester and have the last leg of the application process, the phone interview, in about a half hour. I'm so nervous, but so excited. I feel like I have direction in my life again.

Thanks for all your comments trying to cheer me up by the way. I really appreciate it and you know who you are.

This could be a MB tryout. I'm between characters. But this is for Eudora. I will fill out more later after the interview.
❖ Eudora Rycroft
age: 21
from: london, england
status: british socialite, play-mate, international fashion icon
Sexy, spontaneous, indulgent, and hot-tempered; Eudora is the world's top socialite. Heiress to a huge real estate fortune; Eudora got famous like most socialites do...simply being pretty and rich. Eudora attended the best prep schools, and attended Cambridge for a semester before she flunked out. Who needs school when you got daddy paying for everything. Eudora became good friends with Margaret and Beatrice; and even partied with Marie and other French aristocrats when in the neighborhood. Eudora's life seems to be a roller coaster the press and people love. One minute she is successful, perhaps starting her own brand, and the next she has the lead spread in playboy. Her relationships are always a hot tabloid topic, however it seems to have gotten her in trouble recently. Eudora was caught taking part in an affair with much older and notable British noble with direct ties to the royal family. Needless to say people did not take this as innocently as her other shenanigans, and her names as been somewhat smeared in the UK. Beatrice convinced Margaret to get her an invite to court so that perhaps she can try to repair her image, however good behavior and press are not in Eudora's vocabulary.
model: Zuzana Gregorova
owner: OPEN

-Beatrice Blanche Victoria
- Freja Angstrom
-Marie-Thérèse Antoinette
-Sabine Rosalie Villette
-Elodia Belén Carlos


-Eudora is one of those loud, obnoxious people who will talk you head off, intterupt at any given second, one up your escapades with glee, and command an audience. Basically, she’s incredibly needy for attention.
-She adapted from her parents excellent sales tactics, which she might use to make herself useful in court politics.
-When she was younger, Eudora had an overwhelming obsession with marrying Prince Harry. She likes to pretend she’s long grown out of this obsession.
-Eudora has never been to rehab, thank you very much. How American.
-Next fall, she has plans in the works for her own [tarty] clothing line, perfume, and a poppy dance one hit wonder. You go, Eudora.

(in character - interview with press)

1) Ok tell us about your past, where do you come from?

2) How do you know Marie, or if you don't what are the circumstances around you being invited to the wedding court?

3) Can you tell us a few personal strengths and weaknesses?

4) What are you most looking forward to about moving to Versailles and taking part in court?

5) What is one thing the world should know about you?
(out of character)
~ why did you choose this character?
I chose Eudora because I have a fondness for loud obnoxious girls who are nothing like me. They are easy to write for, and usually hilarity ensues. But I also always view them as rounded characters with actual human characteristics. In my mind, Eudora is much smarter than the average Paris HIlton type, despite that being the extent of her bio. I think she could be fascinating. I’ve played characters like her before, too, such as Dory Grey of Court of Lies [2011] and Teegan Gingham of Welcome to Girl World [2010-2011].

~ can you honestly be active?
I can make probably two sets a week. I aim to write stories for them, I really do. I’ve fallen very far behind in roleplaying, but I was excited for this one for so long I hope I can finally turn that around, especially since I seem to have more free time lately.

~ why should we choose you for this character?
...Well, technically you already did, but I should be chosen because somehow I still hold my reputation as a decent rper, and for the reasons mentioned in the why-I-chose-this-character answer.
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