This song has so many awesome lines it was incredibly hard to pick one as the title. 
There's funny stuff like, "69 is the only meal for two," and "But he just a fake nigga who blog in all caps." Then out of nowhere you get regretfully honest lyrics like, "Are we dating? / Are we f*cking? / Are we best friends? / Are we something? / In between that? / I wish we never f*cked and I mean that."

Anyway, this is another "favorite things" set. I was tagged by @oscar-wilde but she deleted her set for some reason? 
List goes as such:
-My blog: and my adorable banner, which [despite clipping it to polyvore] I would prefer for people to not use. 
-floral pants
-tattoos [I'm dying to get one before the summer's up.]
-Jessica Hart
-Miley Cyrus
-Warm colors
-Karla Deras, as usual. 
-loafers, particularly loafers with patches. 
-oversized clutches
-drop-back anything
-Zara shoes
-Hyoni's newest d campaign
-Rita Ora and all of her loveliness
-bold interiors
-french braids [I still need to learn how to do a waterfall.]
-seafoam/coral color combo
-huge statement necklaces
-And as usual, YELLOW!

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