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the greek life 

FRIDAY, APRIL 15TH: TGIF. Today’s our last day of school before it’s SPRING BREAK! Tomorrow we’ll be leaving pretty early to fly down to good ole Virginia Beach. So pack your bags and head on down to the Kappa Tau’s house for a ‘Bon Voyage’ party. Prepare for hangovers tomorrow and try to play along when the Kappa’s ‘lei’ you.

“Isn’t it great we finally have spring break,” Serena asked. We were both in my room getting ready for tonight’s party at the Kappa house. 

“Uh, yes,” I laughed, smiling. “It’s nice to finally get some time to ourselves.” The past couple of months had been nothing but sheer torture. Half the time my nose was in a book, it was like I was suffocating. Now that I knew I had a week off, I could feel the freedom. 

“Exactly,” she agreed and fixed her hair a little bit. 

“Ooh, I like those shoes,” I winked before putting on some lip gloss. I blew her a quick kiss. Those shoes were pretty rad. Louboutin, the girl had taste. 

“Thanks,” she winked back. 

I looked at my watch. Almost time. Finally I could spend some guilt free time with Owen. I felt butterflies in my stomach just at the mention of his name. Gosh I could be such a girly girl sometimes... 

I took notice as S walked over to the bed to pick up her clutch. “Hey, doesn’t walking around in heels tire you out,” I asked. 

“What do you mean?”

“I mean... you’re pregnant. Doesn’t walking in heels like... hurt your back,” I asked but she only shook her head.

No.. well not yet anyways. I'm only three months so when the baby's getting bigger, that's when I'll get tired in heels- which I am dreading," she rolled her eyes, making me giggle.

“Ready to go,” I asked as we were about ready to walk out the door. 

“Ready as ever,” she smiled and we made our way over to the frat house. 

“Lilly, you’ve just been lei’d,” Matt grinned as he put the lei around my neck. 

I rolled my eyes and laughed. Typical Kappa making a sex joke out of a flower necklace. How... mature of them... “Very funny, Matt.”

“Oh I’m just getting started,” he laughed. “And you thought you were scared before.”

I started to laugh at that joke but I felt a finger tapping on my shoulder. I looked over me shoulder and smiled. “Owen,” I giggled before he leaned in and kissed me.

“And this is my cue to leave,” Matt awkwardly muttered. 

Owen looked over at Matt. “Good,” he smiled before kissing me again. “It’s nice to see you without a book in between us.”

I laughed and shrugged. “Just think you’ll be getting a full week of that,” I teased. 

“Can we leave now,” he asked, jumping around and I burst out laughing. 

“It’s just another twelve hours,” I reminded him. “Hey can you go get me a drink,” I asked. Owen smiled before walking away. I sighed and plopped down on a surprisingly cushy seat. 

“Having fun,” Matt asked as he sat down next to me. He took a sip from the Jack Daniels he was holding. 

I bit my lip and nodded my head. This was Matt and I being friends. It was... kind of awkward to be honest. But I was determined to make it work... hopefully. “Are you already packed,” I asked and he nodded. “That’s, uh, that’s good,” I murmured. Making small talk had never been my strong suit. 

“You,” he asked, breaking our silence.

“Oh yeah,” I admitted and twirled a strand of hair around my finger. Silence greeted us once again. Lovely. “Not to be awkward or anything but you smell really nice.”

He laughed and shrugged. “Thanks, it’s that cologne you gave me that one time,” he admitted. 

“Oh really,” I asked. I was skeptical and raised an eyebrow. I couldn’t remember /ever/ giving him a gift. 

He nodded. “Oh yeah. Then again you were pretty plastered when you bought it,” he teased. He laughed before taking a sip from his Jack Daniels. I hit his elbow which made him spill his drink all down the front of his shirt. “Not cool.”

“Ha. Ha,” I laughed before reaching for a shirt one of the Kappa’s had clearly torn off. “Here you go,” I murmured as I helped him dabble the wet whiskey off of his shirt.

“That’s not gonna work,” he whistled. 

I nodded my head. Matt /did/ have a point. “Hm, let me try something else. Take off your shirt.”

“Dear Penthouse...,” he winked and I rolled my eyes.

“Just take the damn shirt off Matt,” I repeated and when he flashed me the puppy dog eyes, I rolled my own again. “Do I have to do everything around here,” I grunted as I peel it off of him. The shirt was covering his face when I heard... 


I turned around. 

“It’s not what it looks like,” Matt blurted, peeking out from the hole his head was currently in. 

“I spilled beer on him,” I explained.

“She did,” Matt backed me up. 

“I think you can let go of his shirt,” Owen said calmly.

I turned back to Matt and noticed that I was still holding it up, keeping him half dressed. “Oh yeah,” I blushed and dropped it. I couldn’t help but notice his abs. Gosh I was a sucker for them. 

Owen bitterly passed me my drink. 

“Thanks,” I muttered and allowed myself to be dragged away by Owen, not so ironically far away from Matt. “Nothing was going on between us, I swear.” 

“I know, I know,” he muttered before a smile stretched across his lips. “Let’s go,” he said and pulled me on to the dance floor. 

I couldn’t help but look over Owen’s shoulder to catch a glimpse of Matt. Our eyes met and I blushed. He raised the bottle of Jack in the air before bringing it back to his lips. Cheers?

xx Lilly

{Everyone that asked to be included i will definitely include you in the next story. Ah typical Lilly, Owen, Matt drama... how I’ve missed it so.}
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Wrote 6 years ago
Well atleast there two hot guys;) But you know just to call me if I need to kick someones, haha

Wrote 6 years ago
This is soo epically awesome! And the polishes (:

Wrote 6 years ago
your sest are great!!!

Wrote 6 years ago
{looove it!}
Two amazing guys trying to have your attention, you poor little girl. haha.
- pipper.


talented roleplayers of polyvore

talented roleplayers of polyvore

have you ever noticed that roleplayers on polyvore don't get as many favorites as people who aren't in roleplays? sometimes roleplayers are soo much more talented than the people not in roleplays, but we don't get credit since we're "just making up stories from books". no, we're not! we're expressing ourselves through our sets. (mkay, that was corny!) join this group and join the movement of undermined roleplayers!

a runway to hell.

a runway to hell.

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Welcome to ROYAL ROLEPLAYERS, a reliable and fun source for you to find the hottest new role-plays or advertise one of your own.
ROYAL ROLEPLAYERS is a group in which we keep the roleplay community informed on the latest and greatest roleplays and inspire people to be involved in creating an amazing roleplay right here on Polyvore.
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