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Jennifer Walters

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"Have you settled in nicely?" Bruce asked as he wandered into the room that I had been allocated. It was cold and not very comfortable but it seemed I'd warm up to it over time. I looked at him from where I sat on the bed, "it's different but I'm settling in quite fine."

"It's good to have you back" he smiled, entering the room and casually strolling the perimeter. He looked at the perfume bottles I had lined on a shelf, along with numerous rings and various necklaces. "I never thought you were one for style" he commented.

"I've always been the stylish cousin, are you forgetting this?" I joked, flashing a smile. "What do you mean 'back,' I never left you" I told him.

Bruce glanced at me, looking at me with a questioning expression. "But I was here and you were busy with being a lawyer" he told me.

"I mean, I never left your heart, silly" I stood and smiled. "I'll always be with you" I spoke as I approached him. I sprayed my wrists with a sweet fragrance and dabbing some on my neck, "lets stroll?"

"I have to run some errands around here, Jen. I was only visiting briefly, sorry" he frowned. "Oh" my smile vanished in moments and a frown was now in place.

"I'm a busy man, sorry" he repeated apologetically as he gave me a hug. "I'll see you later though, okay?"

I nodded, forcing a small smile, "try not to miss me" I commented. Bruce chuckled before leaving; I heard his footsteps echoing until they vanished.

Then I was alone.

I ran a hand through my hair and shrugged; I had nothing better to do, so I would stroll, even if it meant being lonely. I might see someone on my travels, this place was full of people like me.

I closed the door behind me as I reassured the card to unlock my room was in my pocket. I wandered down the hall, the only sound heard was my feet tapping lightly against the ground. If I remembered correctly, if I were to turn right here I would-

"What are you doing?" a voice frightened me and also tore me from my thoughts, causing me to forget my path of thinking. I quickly turned on my heel and faced red-haired beauty, Wanda.

"Looking for Narnia, yourself?" I replied with a smile growing on my lips. "You won't find it, I already looked" she laughed gently, shaking her head.

"This place is huge, we're bound to find it somewhere" I tapped my finger on my chin. "If we team up, maybe?" I thought.

"I like this idea" Wanda grinned as we walked alongside one another. "Jen, can you smell that?" she questioned.

"What smell?" I laughed gently at the random comment. "That sweet smell" she added.

"That's my perfume" I burst out laughing, smiling wide. "Why are you wearing perfume? You either smell really bad or you're trying to impress someone?" she smirked.

"Neither, I just like smelling pretty" I laughed. Wanda was one of the first friends I had met here and we instantly got along. We were becoming closer; I noticed this because we tell each other more, now.

"Sure, sure" she rolled her eyes playfully, "somehow I don't believe that."

"Believe what?" a voice asked from behind us. It made me jump yet again but Wanda seemed unaffected by the sudden company. We both turned on our heels and saw Thor at the end of the hall.

Everytime I locked eyes with him, I had the desire of wanting to be alone. Well, alone with him, nobody else. 

Just us.

But that was the thing; the connection we had, it was a secret. I feared my cousin's reaction the most. I was his little, 'baby' cousin and to see me with one of his friends, one of his team members, he'd get over protective and even become unaccepting. I knew him too well. 

"Jen's trying to convince me she's wearing perfume to smell pretty and not to impress someone" Wanda expressed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Odd conversation topic" Thor nodded, approaching us. I took my eyes off him, looking at my feet for a moment before glancing up. If I watched him for too long, I'd be staring. 

Those muscles.

Those eyes.

That hair.

The hammer.

"Not really, this is normal for us" Wanda spoke, still with her arms crossed and a casual smirk. It seemed that smirk never left her face. I was beginning to convince myself it was permanent.

"Normal, I see" he nodded with a simple smile. "Well, don't get lost, this is a pretty big place, after all" Thor reminded us.

Yet, somehow we still find each other.

"Well, in defence, Wanda, I'd rather smell good than bad" I paused, "so quit your questioning and complaining" I smiled widely.

"Whatever" Wanda smirked, turning and continuing to walk. 

"You do smell good" Thor whispered gently after Wanda was a little further away. His deep voice sent a shiver down my spine and left a smile on my lips. "Good, mission complete" I replied; this time I wore a smirk.

I quickly caught up with Wanda, though only a couple seconds had passed. I didn't want her to suspect anything and gladly, she hadn't. "So, if I was Narnia, where would I be?"

"Definitely normal" I laughed, shaking my head and following her.

Now that I thought about it, I'd rather be the person I am today than be normal. After all, normal was boring and I don't think I'd cope with a 'boring' life.
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