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Anyways on a serious note, today is 9/11 and I just want to say something to the people who were killed/injured or lost in 9/11, and the people who lost loved ones. I feel awful. I just want whoevers reading this to remember that no matter what your situation with your family is, if your fighting with your parents, your parents might have gotten divorced, or maybe they died, but you do still have loved ones around you, even if you had loss. And I just feel very grateful to have a family, even if its small, and even if we have problems, were still together on this day. And I think that everyone should just hug there loved ones today, and remember the loved ones lost today. 

Please right, 9/11 in the comments if you read this, and if you have an opinion, or want to add to what I wrote, leave a comment too. 

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