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This is an ehh set but I needed to complete this tag and this is like the third one I've re-worked. I have so much work to do and it's almost midnight... I hate school.

I was tagged by @myfavoritecolorisshiny as well as @auzziea. 

Available: Yes.
Birthday: April 12
Crush: Let's not talk about it. Better yet let's talk about Logan Lerman. 
Drink You Last Had: Orange Juice
Easiest Person To Talk To: My best friend(s) and my mom.
Fav Song: Currently? Hmm... Skinny Love-Birdy is pretty great.
Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Gummy Bears... though I'm really more of a sour patch kind of girl.
Hometown: Where I'm living now.
In Love: I don't think so.
Killed Someone: No.
Longest Car Ride: I dunno, from NY to Florida or from NY to Wisconsin, whichever's longer.
Number of Siblings: One
One Wish: A job I love or True love.
Person You Last Called: Um. Um. Um. No idea. I don't know where my phone is.
Reason To Smile: December just started which means Christmas break is really close.
Song You Last Sang: Thinking of You
Time You Woke Up: 11:45 AM
Underwear Color: Ummm gray I think.
What Temperature Is It Outside? No idea. Like 35ish F I'm guessing.
What Radio Station Do You Listen To?: z100 (100.3), 95.5, 92.3 or 102.7 Fresh. Sometimes 1010 wins (news).
What Was The Last Thing You Bought: A book.
What Was The Last Thing You Watched On TV?: How I Met Your Mother I think. No wait I was watching Step Up yesterday.
Who Was The Last Person You Took a Picture Of?: Either myself or family during thanksgiving.
Ever Really Cried Your Heart Out: Mmmhm.
Ever Cried On Your Friend's Shoulder?: Yes.
Ever Cried Yourself To Sleep: Yes.
Ever Cried Over The Opposite Gender: Erm, yeah.
Do Songs Make You Cry?: Yeah, some.
Are You a Happy Person: As happy as a person who thinks way too much can be.
What is You Hair Color?: Dark brown/black

I'm supposed to tag 20 I think but I won't get there I'm just going to do 10.
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