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my character 'cause i'm modding... just need to be added aha

-Luna Lace
age: 17
year: 3rd
Luna Lace has always been deemed... let's just say the odd one. With a heavy obsession with Lana Del Rey, and a chemical dependency on hair dye, she's always been singled out in her life because of her different look. But nevertheless, she captures the attention of every wandering eye, especially from her piercing blue eyes, staring straight into your soul, as if collecting and reading your secrets like a book. She doesn't talk about her past at all, especially because her past is pretty boring, and she likes to seem interesting and mysterious, as if dusty skeletons hide between her Docs and flower headbands in her closet. She was able to join Societas de Corpus Humanis in a second, thanks to her affluent parents, high grades, and the exclusive aura that surrounds Luna. She's not very talkative, she rather bury herself between the pages of a Jeffrey Eugenides novel, so many come to her for a way to rant their troubles. And though Luna seems like a sweet, innocent girl on the outside, inside she's itching for trouble and mystery. You may blame the mysterious disappearances on the weird girl at school, or the horribly mean history teacher, but then again, you really don't know what Luna does behind closed doors. Or what she really knows. 
taken by: @thatporcelaindoll
model: Nastya Kusakina
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