- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfXo4cgYP6s

love bastille 
and george sampson
and streetdance

- plot ;
well um idk how to explain, eddie's a streetdancer ( but you can change name ) and he befriends ash ( who is not relevant ) who wants to beat a crew named invincible, so they decided to travel round europe and find all of the best streetdancers in europe. the finals are then held in paris. while in paris, eddie heads to a bar / club with ash, and they see a girl latin dancing, and eddie immediately takes to her, and he is challenged to see if he can last a dance with her. eddie wants her in the crew, but both her, and his crew could take some convincing.

@xo-laurenamy sucky description but don't know how to describe it merh

i'll start once you finally decide on a husband, plot, and when you get back from your bloody shower
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Wrote 4 years ago
- the few weeks that eva had spent practicing with dean and ash and the crew had definitely been fun. street dancing was so free compared to the normal stricter technique of salsa and tango, and she'd loved it, plus the one-on-one lessons with dean had been enjoyable, she'd taught him a lot and he'd taught her a lot. everything was turning out well. that night, eva was meeting dean, just to go for a walk round the town, a bit of dinner, who knew what would happen. the only reason they'd arranged it was so that they could talk about the routine and all that. they'd arranged to meet at the club before just walking really, so eva was just finishing a small coat of lipgloss before heading down the road to the club where they'd first met each other. she didn't know if he was a guy that was late or early, but she didn't exactly mind either way.
- @xo-laurenamy ye idk what i'm typing

Wrote 4 years ago
♡ dean looked over to ash again briefly, who was now arguing with the barman, but at the same time watching the ring, so he decided he better start soon before a fight burst out over there, licking his lips a little he looked back to her, with a nod of his head and a mix between a smile and a smirk on his lips. insert whatever dance moves streetdancers do here, but its good nd shit nd idk i'm not a motherfucking dancer. im a horse rider. oh shit off topic. after his little dance he just stood up straight and gave her a wink, "your turn i believe." he said cockily.

Wrote 4 years ago
- eva was a little surprised when he came into the ring, it tended to be a latin dancer that challenged her, it was a latin battle place, and he definitely didn't look like he was a latin dancer, but hey, she wasn't one to deny. she shrugged her shoulders slightly, a small grin on her lips, he had guts coming up here really, he didn't sound like he was french, and there were others that were about to come up, but eva wasn't complaining, she liked a change. " go for it. " she replied with a small shrug of her shoulders and the slight grin lingering on her lips as she placed her hands on her waist, just watching him really.
- @xo-laurenamy

Wrote 4 years ago
♡ after a while dean saw her cool down, and he caught eyes with ash who was incredibly impatient for the drinks and the barman was beginning to wind him up, so he decided he better jump in quick, seeing another guy begin to go up he climbed up on the ring and jumped over the ropes, already showing off his skills without even starting the dancing yet, "mind if i join?" he asked with a cocky, but friendly grin of his, he had performed to much bigger crowds then this so he wasn't nervous about anything, he wanted to test her, see what she could do and see if she'd fit into their streetdance routine, he hoped she did, because in all honesty she seemed an interesting addition to the group.
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dying cbf 4 long


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