Buttercup, She is the Toughest Fighter

Sugar, spice, and everything nice!
Growing up I loved the power puff girls and it wasn't in till recently when I re-watched a couple old episodes did I realize what a great message the show had. As well as with the recent TV special my love for the classic girl power show reignited. So I decided to 'age up' the classic cartoon heroines in my head and give them a wardrobe to match.
I think the idea of punk themed clothing is an obvious choice for Buttercup. Buttercup I can't really see what she'd be in the future other than full time bad ass. Maybe she'd be one of those cool rebellious girls who lives alone in New York either being some sort of artist or musician of sorts, a drummer in an all girl rock band would be my best guess. So going off that I gave her lots of leather pants and jackets, boots, and excessive metal jewelry, specifically bold statement rings.

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Wrote two years ago
I really like it!!!! ≧◠◡◠≦✌

Wrote two years ago
All of you PPG collections are absolute PERFECTION :D

Wrote two years ago
I love your Powerpuff Girls collections! I now have an overwhelming urge to rewatch all of my old VCRs of them…


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