`everything has changed` - taylor swift ft ed sheeran [ california king bed version ] ♡

hey everyone,

♡ today i received the notification for 150k likes, that's insaneee oh my god

♡ you seriously need to hear this version of everything has changed. ugh it's got the perfect instrumental of california king bed and then the flawless ed and taylor serenading over the top, mm perf 

♡ happy valentine's days guysssss. i got a note and chocolates from one of my best friends, she did jokes on the notes to me and the other girls in the group and they're pretty funny, aha. my mum also got me a slice of the yummiest truffle cheesecake which she said was a valentine's day gift, lol thankss mum.

♡ i had a geography exam today and mehhh it was okay but i'm pretty sure i could've done better *sigh* i also had volunteering and today all the kids were like super hyperactive meaning they were very giggly, chatty and getting into trouble, oopss. welsh bacc was cancelled today so i had an extra hour free and literally like the whole school must've gone home or something because there were like eight sixth-formers in the common room, oddd..

♡ i've got an extra week in school then half term, siggghhh, i cannot wait. on tuesday i have a welsh speaking exam [ the last of my mocks hell yeah ] and i'm going to frankie's & benny's with the girls next week, yayy 

- chlo ♡
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Wrote three years ago
ugh i haven't talked to you in so long :(
how have you been? pm me!(:

Wrote three years ago
it's not fair ur sets are so pretty

Wrote three years ago
i said `yo, think i better go; i can't take you` ♡

@brynniexoxo you're fabbb ♡ @xodemigod adorbsssssss ♡ @kpurple17 ♡ @emmie-rose-star @carrotsandlemons ♡ @thisgirlisonfire you're amazee ♡ @rsnyde ♡ @vanessa1313 ♡ @maddie-the-dog ♡ @love-emily ♡ @tinydancer1175 @as-if-asp3n you're rad ♡ @nessicaro ♡ @fashionlover430 ♡ @meredith-gomes ♡ @wonderlahnd ♡ @tiedeye ♡ @thepheonix256 ♡ @tori-mellark ♡ @mrs-tomlinson-love ♡ @relephant ♡ @josie-burness ♡ @sophieandasky ♡ @goodpandagood ♡ @fashionbabeforlife ♡

Wrote three years ago
they're just girls ♡

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