I've been tagged by four lovely polyfriends: @triciamcmillan, @mycau, @crazyfish and @rocknqueen so here I go

1. Pick a song
2. Make a line from that song be a title in your set.
3. In that set, use one item from this set.
4. Tag 10 more people and tell them to do the same.
5. Ask a random question! (and answer mine too)

I picked Every Single Night by Fiona Apple. My answers to their questions:

If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?! This might sound kinda silly but... I just LOVE The Sound Of Music. I could watch it over and over!

What made you decide to start making dolls? and how did you learn it? I love to draw and this is somewhat similar. It has to do with creation, the right proportions, colors, and so on. In fact, when I was like 10, I'd draw lots of dolls and "design" their outfits; I had a folder FULL of drawings so I feel I'm back to my childhood now lol. I am still learning but I think I got quite better from my first doll which was, well, simply hedious :P. I improved my work by watching all of your sets. I also found a few videos made by @tabithasue and @lavida that were/are extremely useful and super inspirational!

What's your favorite actress? Umm, I have lots of actresses I deeply admire. Off the top of my head, Meryl Streep's awesome.

What was the last book that you read? Some boring book related to my career. 

My question: Who was your dream crush when you were a kid?

I'm sorry for not completing the tagging step... I've seen most of my polyfriends have been already tagged so... Anyway, if you are reading this and haven't been tagged yet, feel free to follow the game and please tag me in your set so I can see what you came up with! Also, if any of you want to only answer my question in the comments below that would be awesome too.

Have a nice day, everyone =)
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