@swiftdreams1d Hope you like it! Its my first ever one shot! :D xx

I get off the bus from school, exhausted from the days work. Just as I’m walking up my driveway I hear a shout from the neighbours house. I look into their garden and smile when I see Beau standing there grinning childishly at me. I feel butterflies flutter in my stomach and I giggle nervously. See, the thing about Beau was I knew him all my life but I could never get over the way he smiled at me. I don’t know what it was, but it could change a bad day into a good one for me. ‘Hey Allie!’ He calls.
‘Hey Beau!’ I mimic back jokingly. He laughs.
‘Listen, my mums having a barbecue tonight and she was wondering if you guys wanted to come over?’
I smile,’Yeah,of course! We’re not doing anything else as far as I know’
‘Right!’ He grins ‘Be over at about 7?’
‘Sounds good!’ I smile and throw my bag back up onto my shoulder. 
‘See ya then!’ He calls and winks.
I turn away, hoping he didn’t see me blush.
I look up at the clock 6:50pm. I smile and brush my hands over my dress slowly. I look in the mirror and do a twirl, hoping Beau would be impressed by how I looked. I slip on my flats and make my way down the stairs. My mum looks up at me. ‘Well someone’s looking gorgeous, why so dolled up? Its just a barbecue!’ I shrug my shoulders. ‘No reason,just wanted to get some wear out of this dress before it gets colder.’ I walk out the door to the house next to mine and knock on the door, Gina answers. She invites my parents and I in but just before I walk in a hand grabs me from behind. I look back and see Beau laughing. ‘You little sh*t!’ I say to him, starting to laugh too. Beau looks me up and down and exhales. ‘Woah’ I blush and look down. He pulls me in closer. ‘Allie..I uhmm….I love you..Look I know its kind of sudden, but I’ve liked you for a long time and I just can’t help myself anymore. You look so beautiful tonight and I ca-‘ I cut him off with a kiss. This time I don’t feel those butterflies, I feel fireworks…explosions. It’s the best feeling in the world. When we finish I look into his bight blue eyes.
‘Beau,I love you too’

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