I was going to post this set later but then I thought, what the heck let's post it now! I should be revising.... Fun fact: this set is 50 items!

Ok I got tagged by @quietcountrymouse 

1. what do you think about most?
a lot of things, my mind never focuses on one thing XD
2. do you have any strange phobias?
i can't touch prawns..?
3. first thing you notice about someone?
i have to be honest, looks but not as long as I look for a good personality
4. favorite cartoon
5. do you believe in karma?
yeah, kinda :3
6. love at first sight?
kinda :3
7. Shakespeare: genius or overrated?
i ... don't know o.o 
8. favorite scent?
9. favorite author?
j.k rowling, john green :3
10. strangest thing on your bucket list
- Find out how many balloons it takes to lift myself off of the ground.
- Spend a day holding up a free hugs sign
11. if you could travel to any time period, which one would you travel to and why?
hmm.... can I go to the future and see where I end up?

I also saw these questions on another set of @quietcountrymouse and I hope she doesn't mind me answering them myself :3

1. Favorite clothing brand
no idea anymore... h&m :P
2. Favorite lyrics
Any by owl city :3 or .. there are so many songs coming to mind now :3
3. If you could visit anywhere in the world, right now, where would you go?
Los Angeles :3
4. Have you been to any concerts?
The Unthanks - 30.10.2009 - The Concert Hall
Owl City - 10.9.2011 - Shepherds Bush
Kaiser Chiefs - 28.1.2012 - The Hexagon
Bellowhead - 14.11.2012 - The Hexagon
5. If you could meet any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be?
can it be famous peoples? Cause its a lot... adam young, and harry potter actors, and hobbit actors, any merlin actors, and supernatural actors, and doctor who actors, and teen wolf actors, any ok i'll stop :3
6. Favorite animal
wolves and manta rays :3
7. Where would you most like to live in the future?
Los Angeles or London idk :3
8. Favorite food
macaroni cheese :3
9. Favorite outfit
i dont have one xD
10. Something you're looking forward to
SUMMER. i'm so stereotypical oh my..
some more questions.....
1. Best birthday present you've ever gotten?
any presents :3 I love presents :3
2. Favorite color combination?
i have no idea
3. Harry Potter or the Hunger Games?
Hogwarts is my home. (plus i wont die as easily)
4. Favorite shop at the mall?
no idea 
5. Nose or lip piercing?
6. Straight hair or curls?
well i have straight hair but it'd be nice have curly hair every now and then
7. One thing you'd like to change about the world?
dont pressure
8. Favorite animal?
wolves and manta rays :3 
9. Do you believe in luck?
i believe in liquid luck
10. Will you ever accept the fact that you're beautiful?
nah :P
even MORE questions:
1. Starbucks or Costa Coffee?
costa coffee
2. Favourite song right now?
i dont knowwwww D:
3. Favourite song ever?
hellogoodbye ~ Here (in your arms)
4. Favourite band?
5. What is the one thing about yourself that you are self conscious about the most?
too many things to name one.
6. What is the thing that you think is best about you?
hahah i have no idea xD
7. What is the best thing about your best friend?
understands me, makes me laugh, general best friendy stuff :3
8. Which do you prefer: Tanned or Pale?
no idea D: on a guy, tanned i think :3
9. What colour hair do you like the most?
Red hair. I might be dying it in the summer AHHHHH :D
10. What colour eyes do you like the most?
eyes make the person so i cant choose a favourite colour
11. What is your favourite book?
harry potter books :3 

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