19. May...I guess :)

After the sleepover at Mace's I tried to be as busy as I could, I didn't want to have spare time because I was still quite shocked, so I decided to keep myself busy caring about my friends' issues. It was working very well except for when came the time to go bed, alone again in my aparment, since Seb was still out of town and the girls were all busy with boys and only god knew what, but I had found a solution to that too: cocaine until I didn't even know what my name was.
That afternoon I was packing my bags for Cabo when Jess called me. I was terribily angry about the James thing, I would have loved to kick his ass and let him know that there's no way to threaten an outersider.
"You're kidding me right? Jess! I'm coming with you!" I yelled as Jess told me her plan. It was insane.
"Soph, I appreciate it but I want to deal with it alone." She said calmly.
"What if he tries something on you? If I'm there, he won't." I tried to convince her.
"I don't think James will do anything. I'll settle it with him and get whatever he has of me back. I'll be fine. Besides, you have Iz and Gem to worry about instead of me."
"Then why are you telling me this?" I snorted annoyed by her stubborness. But she didn't answer."Jess?!"
"I don't know.. I just wanted to let someone know." Jess said finally.
"At least wait till we get back from Cabo. You, me and Mace, maybe Jessie and Lex too. We come up with some plan to help you get it back. Okay?" I tried to sound convincing.
"Fine. I'm not going." she gave up.
"Good. Hey, I got some things to settle here. I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Hot guys and Cabo here we come!" I yelled.
"Alright! Bye." Jess laughed then hung up.
Later my luggages were ready and I decided to spend my night goin to the karaoke with Mace. It was weird to be single again, sleeping in a bed too big for just one person and walkin on the streets alone. Melanchony was my new worst enemy and to call Jess while I was goin to the pub seemed to me to be a good way to defeat it. I called her dozens of times but she never answered. This was definitely a bad sign and I had misgiving.
I went in the bar and I saw Mace sitting at the counter drinkin neat vodka like the heavy drinker she was.
“Mace?” I asked as I took a seat next to her. 
She looked up at me, raising her eyebrows. I guessed it was not a good moment to talk to her aboout /more/ problems but she was the one available.
“Have you seen Jess? I called her one hundred times and no answer. I’m beginning to get a bit worried.”
Mace seemed surprise and searched my eyes, probably hoping to catch traces of something, but she didn't see anything but worry. 
“Think she might’ve gone out of town?” She said.
“Wouldn’t she have her phone if she did?” I answered.
“Well, lets give her a day or so. She’ll probably turn up at school, you know?”
“And if she doesn’t?” I looked reluctant. Not answering at the phone was so not Jess.
“We’ll go look for her, promise.” She tried to give me a reassuring smile.
I let her go to sing and I had a lot of fun listening to her, she was really great. Then I lost her and I went home, ready to leave the next day.

20. May. Cabo.

"Hod do I look?" I asked to Lex doing a pirouette showing my one piece swimsuit.
"You're too dressed. And too pale" she laughed.
"I haven't seen sun since 1980!"
"You could at least go for spray tanning!" she said givin me the suntan oil.
"ewww no! That it's too orange for me"
"Yeah right, it's better to look like a porcelain doll" Lex giggled.
"You're not funny and then the name Dita Von Teese don't say you anything?" I grinned.
"Shut up and let's go white chick" she hooked on me and we went to the pool.
The resort was amazing, classy and luxurious, exactly like us, it was the best place to forget that my lover had been killed while he was in bed with me.
Lex and I had a quick swim, then we lied on the sun loungers all day, chatting and drinking margaritas like was fresh water.
"Gosh my head is spinning round round" I said turning to lie face down and resting the cheeck on a hand.
"yey!" Lex yelled in a totally inappropriate way "we're high in Cabo! I do a toast to Elkann family who sent us here!"
"To my family!" I laughed then I drank the margarita all in one go.
"look what's there!!!" Lex suddently stopped takin off her sunglasses, staring at something.
"Oh. Wow" I said speechless. 
A wet hot guy was goin out the pool, he rose from the water leaning on the border, his bicepses contracted for the strain and in 2 seconds he was out.
"Lex that guy is to dye for" I whispered still staring at this amazing back.
"Oh I wish I'm not dating anyone" Lex snorted.
"C'mon what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo!" I laughed.
"That was Vegas!!!"
"Whatever" I was fu.ckin drunk "Then go!!!"
"No kiddin Soph! Ry would kill me!"
"So what? I promise I won't tell anyone-"
"Darlin you have the priority this time" she beamed.
"Ok" I yelled "I go!"
I walked towards the guy who was under a shower.
"I'm almost done" he said smiling.
"I'm not in a hurry. Take your time." I looked him from head to toe.
"Wanna join?"
"No thank you. I think I'll wait for you in my room. 483" I said then I went away.
Some minutes later I was with Justin -that was his name- in my terrace, kissing him passionately under the last rays of sunshines before the sunset. It felt so good to not think about anyting but the gorgeous body that was wrapping me.
He took me in his arms and we kept on doing our stuff on the bed, but when he started to undressed me I got a felling of fear. I tried to not listen to my stupid brain and I pulled him on my neck, closing my eyes, his hand ran down my stomach and then further down. I heard a gunshot and I opened up suddently the eyes and I stood up. Nothing has changed, no dead body beside me, it had been just my imagination.
"What's up babe?" Justin smiled taking my hand "I thought we were having fun"
"Yeah, a lot actually, but I forgot that I have something to do now" I lied.
"Why don't you do this thing later?" He snorted.
"Because I can't." I said coldly then I showed him the door.
"Maybe we can see ya later"
"Maybe" I slammed the door and I called Lex.

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