✭ name. olivia ryan
age. seventeen
model. lindsay ellingson
likes. nose jobs, the aliciarivera times, knock-off bags, knock-off scarves, knock-offs in general, surfers, boys, surfer boys
dislikes. being called dumb, girls who wear a lot of black, not having alicia has a best friend anymore.
never without. her cellphone
biography. olivia, or faux-livia as our very own alicia rivera named her in seventh grade,
 is an all-american beauty. her blond hair and huge blue eyes can get her anything she wants,
 really. her family is less wealthy than those of the pretty committee, but she gets by. she got 
her love of plastic surgery (i.e., nose jobs) from her mother, who has had so many, the surgeon
 sends the ryan family holiday presents. no joke. oli has been attending octovian country day
 since sixth grade, and went to elementary school with most of the girls here before that. she
 can be a bit ditzy at times, a lot of the time, actually, but at the end of the day, she means no 
harm. she loves animals of all sizes and really wants a teacup pomeranian at the moment.
taken by. open for try-out

Top Three Choices:
-Olivia Ryan (I absolutely love her, she's sha-mazing!)

scent - Miss Dior Cherie 
mood - Jealous
hair - Wavy, in a fluffy bun
nails - OPI The Show Must Go On
lips - MAC Dazzleglass in Extra Amps
music - Nothing currently
food - Mystery meatless monday
where - The Cafeteria
with - Kory and Strawberry

Another beautiful day in Westchester, I sat down at the GLU table at OCD. As I polishing my nails with OPI's new Burlesque color The Show Must Go On, I couldn't help but be filled with green envy as I watched the Pretty Committee chatter away like it was nobody's business.

I sighed as I painted on a second coat to my pinky finger. I miss Alicia the most--she was the sweetest, kindest, and in my opinion the prettiest girl I ever met. She was my /friend/. But then Massive Massie Block had to come and snatch her away like she was a Prada tote and was on sale.

As if.
I was sitting with Kory and Strawberry but I was tuning out their conventional and boring conversations that discussed this weekend's plans and what to wear. It was so annoying sometimes. I sort of overheard them talking about a costume party. Of course, hosted none other than Massie the Block herself.

I knew she was going to invite me. She had to. She wants to make me feel even more jealous about not being friends with Alicia.

I sucked up my sad feelings as I closed the OPI bottle and admired my glittery nails as I waited for them dry. At least nail polish is reliable. Unlike a certain A. Rivera I know...
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