Nugget Market Cakes-and-desserts Brochure
  • Healthy Summer Desserts
    Take advantage of the fresh fruit and hot temperatures this season to make these healthy dessert recipes for a barbecue, block party, or casual summer dinner. Full of flavor but low in calories, fat, and sugar, these summer dessert recipes are just as decadent as the originals.
  • Truffling with Your Affections Cake
    Chocolate to the max! Start with your favorite chocolate cake… cover it with a decadent ganche glaze and position an assortment of molded candy truffles on top. Need we say more?
  • Chocolate Checkerboard Cake
    It’s a chocolate-lovers dream: a chocolate-and-vanilla checkerboard cake iced in chocolate buttercream icing. It’s topped with candy accents molded with delicious Candy Melts candy.
  • Chocolate Coffee Cheesecake
    Who needs a mochaccino when you can get your coffee-chocolate fix in this creamy cheesecake? Create your own customized cheesecake recipe with our Recipe Maker.