Name: Calliope Fay Rodriguez-Halfstrom.
Age: 19
Hometown: San Diego, CA
The Lost Wanderer
[I asked Dalana to change it from 'The bipolar b*tch', which I didn't think suited my character. She's s'psed to reflect my self...I have many issues but that's not one of them..?]

You can read her tryout Q's over here, as they are finally finished.

Thursday, May 10th. Welcome to the island. You've just docked on to the island with 20 other girls. So make sure you check into your treehouse and mingle. You may even run into Jessica puma herself if you’re lucky.

72 Hours it took to get me from LAX to Johannesburg and then to the island of my summer paradise. With the startling time difference, the out of body experience, and about three refills of Starbucks super-large iced coffee [you know, I heard they were everywhere, but I really wasn’t expecting to find one in the Cairo airport, where I had a layover. Yay for that American Capitalism?], I felt about half dead by the time the boat docked. Too tired to appreciate the turquoise waters, the pineapple-shaped palms rising into a baby blue-eyed sky, and the fact that I was actually, finally, FINALLY there.
I was pretty much a mess. Not that I even knew what I looked like, but I could feel the hideousness growing on me like mold. I’d been wearing this sweat-shorts and and my favorite hipster princess shirt and a sweater tied around my waist. At some point my neatly done ponytail had turned into a raggedy top-knot that I suppressed with one of those turban cloth headbands everyone was wearing lately. I looked around at the other girls when I first got on the boat in Jo-han and instantly had a high school deja vu. They looked liked they’d breezed here on private first class jets, instead of in economy class next to a fat lady and her whiny tween-age daughter.
Because that’s what I did.
Anyway, point is I’d been too half dead to bother talking to any of the other girls yet, so when we docked, and I was too tired to even notice that, it took me a second or two that this tall leggy Barbie Doll was smiling at me and saying,
“Hey, babe, you don’t want to go back home do you?”
And that they were all streaming down onto the docks, luggage in tow.
“I, er, oh.”
She smiled at me for a second longer before leaving me behind.
I scrambled to lug my big ass roller suitcase behind me and trampled on after the group. I wasn’t really sure what time it was any more, but it was already a bit sweltering, and humid. Smells of the sality sea and tangy barbeque and sizzling skin flared up in the heat, hitting me like home. I closed my eyes, and there I was on the California coast line again. There I was chilling in the surf shop, my lusciously tan and half naked manager with his toned back to me, giving me room to daydream about all the things I’d never get to do to that back and-
 “Ooph!” My eyes blinked back to the present when I bumped into something- embarrassingly enough, that someone was a person. “Oh, crap, sorry!”
 In between getting lost in my head, I’d been following a pack of waddling ducks up to what was practically a jungle and, apparently, into this willowy brunette’s back.
 “No bid deal,” She started to move up the stairs we were now ascending. I grabbed my suitcase by the handle and pulled it up one step at a time behind me. “But maybe you should open your eyes every once in a while?”
 I couldn’t help but snort. How many times have I heard that?
 I managed to climb the rest of the stairs without tripping over myself, and then there I was among the treetops and sky, and a gaggle of duck-girls lining up to find their new home, and darting off among the array of bridges into the jungle. I was in the back, almost last, and the brunette I trampled turned around. “I’m Kaya, by the way.”
 “Oh, I’m Caliope--Cali.”
 She plucked her room tag from the Hollister-model for a counselor. “Cool. You know, it’s ridiculous how many girls are here in heels? At least you're not one of them.”
 “Name?” The hunky surf God smiled at me. I gave it to him, and he presented me with the direction of my sky-hut treehouse. I started to say something else to Kaya, but when I looked up, she was already long down the bridge.
 “Do you need me to guide you?” the counselor asked.
 “No,” I replied. “Like exploring on my own.”

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