foster the people. 
everyone's seeming to be making peachy sets lately. peachy. 
man, i'm just crankin' out these sets like daily now. it must've been the name change, it's invigorating. is that the right word? lol idek. 
omg. so for honors english, we have to read "the road" by cormac mcarthy over the summer and i was texting my friend and she's like "i'm almost done with the road" and i was so confused cause at first, she said "dont with the road" as a typo and replied "wait, what? are you paving one right now or something?" trololol i'm so dumb xD
one of my friends had a dream that i married voldemort, and he was with child. seriously, if i had to marry someone villainous, couldn't it have been draco?
well, i'm gonna go NOT read the road, but harry potter instead, because it's been a year since i've read them and i miss them :3
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