January 20th:
New Ranks are announced today!! We're all having drinks and an elegant dinner at Claridge's ballroom. If you've impressed A or F enough, maybe some of you lucky gals will begin on their inevitable rise to the top...

Smoothing down the front of my herve leger dress, I picked up another glass of champagne and headed towards the nearest empty seat. I ended up seating inbetween Maryna and Petra and I listened to the dull conversation going on around me as I sipped on my champagne delicately.

I looked over to where Francesca and Aubrey were sitting and noticed them giggling to one another. I hated the fact that our social standing fate was in their perfectly manicured hands. I knew I'd rise to the top with or without them, but with their help it could happen a lot faster.

The room fell silent as Aubrey tapped her fork against her glass delicately. I didn't really listen to the little pep talk, I just wanted to hear the ranks.

"You may surprised to hear this, but since it's your first time here in London on our turf, we're not kicking anyone out. Yet." Francesca smiled broadly at all of us, "No, tonight, if your name is not called, you are in exactly the same position you were before. So take a breath, because no one is leaving tonight."

I continued to smile sweetly as a few of the lesser known girls sighed audibly and the collective murmur died down around me.

"So, without further ado, the girls who Aubrey and I feel have tried the hardest and wanted this the most..." 

I sat up straighter in my seat and focused all my attention on the girls.

Aubrey announced the first few girls, "Khlo, Paisley, Emilia, and Tati. Welcome to The B-List." 

I clapped quickly and smiled at the girls, although I doubt any of them believed I was really happy for them. Which, of course, I wasn't.

"As for Imogen and Fatima, you've made The Rising Stars!" Francesca said and grinned at them.

I clapped again, but my smile felt a bit tighter on my face and less real than before. Having a larger gulp of champagne as Francesca begins to speak again,

"Oh, wait, I think I forgot someone. Oh! And another Rising Star? Nikki Bianchi!" 

I nearly choked on my champagne and noticed that Petra had done the same. Many of the other girls jaws dropped as they processed the news that the queen bi.tch had become a rising star. It was absolutely unbelievable.

The girls around me began to gossip about their decision, but after the initial shock I didn't really care.

I'd make it to the top, and no one would stand in my way.
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