soundtrack; all the pretty girls by fun.
a deadly game

ah, it's so late
i am so sorry! 

name: Antonia Netrocova
age: 25
model: Edita Vilkeviciute
occupation: former Victoria’s Secret Angel 
likes: long-lasting relationships, anything to do with weddings, floral wallpapers, corny holiday movies, her younger sisters, fashion magazines, lingerie
bio: Antonia used to be on top of the world, walking runways and living the life girls dreamed off. Of course there was the mafia tinting said happiness, but nothing seemed to be able to knock Antonia off her runway. But this is no happily ever after story, when Antonia was twenty three she met Andrew. Antonia didn’t tell her family about her prince charming, which only made it worse when she became pregnant and received the news that her baby daddy was a member of a rival mafia. Within a month her life crumpled apart, miscarrying while on an important mission and then breaking up with the supposed love of her life. 
involution in the mafia: Antonia has earned herself a pleasant role in the mafia. The Netrocov name has set her up for the worse, but Antonia was able to prove herself and let her sisters take on the more dangerous roles. She now plays a mother mafia like role to the girls just starting out. 

Hello everyone, I'm Antonia. Feel free to call me Tony, Nia, whatever, for the most part it's all good. Feel free to make plans, I'd love to get together. Introduce yourselves if we don't really know each other, I'd love to get to know you.
- A 

{friends? close friends? enemies? frenimies? <--- such a strange word haha]
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