Calling All Pollies "Poly - Peeves" Botched Contest Winners Circle

This was the 29th contest for my group Calling All Pollies. Members were invited to vent their Poly - Peeves.
Let's be honest, the only reason we have peeves is because we LOVE Polyvore so much and we are In. Pretty. Deep ~ XD
It was a strange one, a little glitch occurred and this collection was needed to showcase winners. I'm way overdue in doing this for contests 8 -27! Yikes! Anywho, we had a 12 way tie for first! All valid points my dears, all valid points!
  • no offense but...
    "This is my sample set. I had a moment. I am better now :-)" — @bananya
  • Life's A Sneaky Bi....
    "1st Place - @kathy-martenson-sanko never ever fails to deliver and this set had me cackling like I was auditioning for the wicked witch of the west! EFFEN GREAT! :-)" — @bananya
  • Shadows
    "1st Place - Yes! That is all there is to say, those dang shadows give me fits too...Sometimes you have to give up on a picture just because of 'em! Argh! @jenn7375 is indeed irreverent and to the point! love her guts (and sets) !" — @bananya
  • Edits Vs. Originals
    "1st Place - my girl @traunicorn slays me, this is one of those sets that you do a double take, and you just gotta love her sense of humour. i know i do! FOR- RE-YAL" — @bananya
    "1st Place - Doh! @bb60477 really hit the nail on the head! Edges bring out the OCD in me! OMG! i am right there with you girl, RIGHT there..." — @bananya
  • My Set is Wearing an Invisibility Cloak
    "1st place - @lavendergal hit on a fear realized! Having your set erase with no way to save or recoup it only has to happen to you once or twice before you make it a practice to hit "save draft" at least 20 times a minute! Poly- paranoia! ahhhhhhh!" — @bananya
  • Long Contests
    "1st Place - @traunicorn thank you for making a set with the groups mantra! we like to keep it rolling over here! *snapping fingers*" — @bananya
  • 5 Groups or Less
    "1st place - @traunicorn poses a question i have asked many a moon! what's up with a limit of 5 when there are like 5 MILLION groups you can be a part of? I guess @polyvore wants us to keep making freshy fresh new sets and reuse, recycle & renew x5 only..." — @bananya
  • Stay Out of My Poly Closet!
    "1st Place - @traunicorn set taught me something! i never knew how people got to items before i used them in a set & i didn't know folks were trawling like that! @polyvore we need a lock on items we upload until the uploader has used them in a set - maybe?" — @bananya
  • Objects may Be Smaller Than They Appear
    "1st Place - @traunicorn - yup yup! i started a blog for this reason because it warms my poly-addicted heart to see the sets all big 'n gawgeous ^_^" — @bananya
  • Poly - Peeves!
    "HM - @gangdise Yeah the backgrounds are used ad nauseum - you've got to go to pinterest or elewhere to get backgrounds that aren't found in every other set. sometimes though, you can make it look new by using it in a different way? just a thought :-)" — @bananya
  • Please here me out letter from me to polyvore
    "HM - @thelunaluchicloset I know lots of folks were bummed that advice went away. i just think @polyvore had to figure out where to put their resources that best fit their vision." — @bananya
  • Oh, and...
    "HM -@kittenpuffjr yes i know those groups too! if i can't get down and have fun being subversive then I just leave those groups (with a quickness!) . it's all subjective really - i think there is some boring stuff out there but some crazy good ISH too..." — @bananya
  • Having that perfect idea
    "HM - @claireluvsyouhzz girl that is half the battle! finding those morsels that makes your set perfect! put that bad boy in your drafts until you find the stuff you need! half the time you'll go back and think - that looks great just like it is!" — @bananya
  • Poly Peeve
    "HM - @jafashions i guess ignorance is bliss when it comes to people lifting your sets? When it came my way I just confronted it and then let it go...we have to cuz you know it's gonna happen again, right?" — @bananya
  • Block Irrelevant Sets
    "1st Place - i put @traunicorn HILARIOUS set at the end because a set with a HUGE question mark should follow this one for all those crazy non sequitur sets that people put in this contest. Scratching my head, I was. I know I was not alone :-)" — @bananya


Wrote three years ago
and it gets weirdewr :-) @lavendergal - first her sets disappeared, now one has magically appeared...LOL

Wrote three years ago
@bananya - I'm LOVIN' this collection!!! I'm glad that everyone tied for first place because they were all valid points! @alynncameron and at @jenn7375 - I'm glad you liked my sets because I loved yours', too!!! Great sets all around!

Wrote three years ago
This made me seriously LOL while sitting at my desk at work! You're so funny @bananya! I love this collection, these poly-veeves, the ideas, and the HUMOR! I affectionately have begun calling myself a "Poly-whore"... I'm okay with it's subtle derogatory connotation. @traunicorn, You keep me in stitches! LOL Great job poly-peeps!

Wrote three years ago
Loooove them and for the record, I thought the Block Irrelevant Sets by @traunicorn was so funny! They were all great and even tho we have small issues sometimes, we all love PV or we wouldn't notice the little things that go wrong among the thousand of things that go right! Thanks for the contest :0)

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