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† Rasa Rousseau 
age. sixteen
grade. sophomore 
born. twenty-third march, nineteen ninety five
hometown. Bordeaux, France
magical power. Plants and Earth
biography. Rasa was born and raised in France. She lived with her mother who is a stay at home mom, her father who is a carpenter, and two older sisters. Ever since she was a little girl, Rasa was fascinated by plant life and flowers. She and her mother would go to the market and plant more than ten types of flowers and plant each year. Rasa wasn't a mean girl at school, but a quite, sweet girl. She excelled in all of her classes making high honors. In the future, she wants to own a garden store or be a plant researcher. Her hobbies include reading, gardening, and gymnastics. Rasa realized her powers when she was ten when she heard a whisper in her garden. She didn't see any people and was nervous. Rasa tried the thing when you move your hands around in the movies, and plants began to bend with her and vine sprang from the ground. She realized she was different and wanted to keep it hidden behind her glasses.
looks. Frida Gustavsson


I think I should get the role of Rasa because she's unlike any other character I've ever played. I may not be extremely experienced in this character field, but if I play her then I'll get better and bring some interesting plots to the group (:


"Rasa!' My mother called. I looked up from my book. "You get letter from school." My mother told me in her terrible English. I smiled, I loved my mother and I was excited about the school news. I scanned over the letter and jumped up and down. "I go in!" I squealed in joy. My mother hugged me and read the letter. "But this for 'special students.'" She said using air quotes.
A small detail I had forgotten to tell my mother was that I had a magical power. My eyes widened. "Oh, yeah, it means smart. Especially smart." I lied. I was a terrible liar, but my mother was extremely gullible. She hugged me again and sauntered off.

I ran into my small, beat-up room. "Get out!" I hissed at my sister, Annmarie. She snorted and walked out, crossing her arms over her chest. I laid on the second-hand bed and smiled. I could finally escape my old house in France and go somewhere new and hopefully more clean. Everything was pretty clean and new in my Victorian style house, except my room. 
My older sisters Fantasia and Gretel had new rooms, but I was left with the attic. I guess I was an unwanted surprise for my parents. It was made pretty clear with my mother. She only was nice when I did something crazy good. I could never impress her, unlike my sisters. My father was hardly around, so he wasn't a big deal. I live a Cinderella life.

I began to pack my room up for school. Nobody other than my mother would have to know I was leaving. I packed up all my Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and Anthropologie clothes in a big Kate Spade suitcase {all of which were hand-me-downs or clothes my sisters didn't want.} Sometimes I really wished that I was like Cinderella. I wanted to meet my prince, escape my family, and start again. And this school gave me all of those opportunities. No more freak girl, where the powers make you a monster. I would finally be welcome somewhere where I would fit in. Hopefully.
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