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i was tagged by my polyfriend "Patricia Coelho" in her sweet set
The challenge was: to make a set with one of the items and answer a question as well. and I have choosen the stylish "3.1 Phillip Lim cuff shorts" from her set and tried to make a cool set with it.
The question was:
"Ask yourself if you are being consistent and following your goals and dreams, then tell me?"
This was a hard question to say yes or no. I could probably say , İ am still working on it, and hopefully I am going to reach my goals in the near future:)

Thank you so much dear "Patricia Coelho", it was a nice challenge!

Here is my challenge:
1. You can use one item from my set and make your own.
2. You can answer my question 
(Do you like the city, which you are currently living in?)
3. Both (use one item from my set and answer my question)

I tag:
Let me know if you want to be tagged:)


Wrote three years ago
just fantastic

Wrote three years ago
hello, dear!!!! this is an incredibly gorgeous look!!! really adore this tops and the divine sandals!!! fab background and details!!! that`s a very good answer!!!
thank you very much for doing the tag!!!!
hope you have a wonderful week!!! kisses <3

Wrote three years ago
Gorgeous..! :)

Wrote three years ago
gorgeous casual look!!!

Wrote three years ago
so fab!!!

Wrote three years ago
What a lovely set!

Wrote three years ago
Very beautiful!

Wrote three years ago
Beautiful, love this!!! Stunning style!!!

Wrote three years ago