Cameron DiVello (STORIES 2/3)

Cameron DiVello
[BIO]: Cameron is beautiful, like a doll, almost: big brown eyes, red lips, shiny hair, soft skin. It’s no surprise that she seems to sit on top of her throne, looking down upon most of us as we stare up at her in awe. Literally. Royalty runs through her blood and one always feels insignificant in her presence. She naturally comes off as a self-centered bi*tch, and she seems to have dirt on all of us; outspoken, catty remarks up her sleeve, a wardrobe you’d kill for, popularity that comes with nosey public interest.

But hidden under the porcelain skin, you find Cam's dark secrets—the ones she tries so hard to hide. Her bipolar disorder, the unsaid words to her deceased parents, the fact that the walls she puts up are only meant to protect herself. She doesn't mean to be such an introvert; it's becoming more obvious to us all that her castle is built of sand.
As the days pass, we watch with curious eyes to see if Cam finally redeems herself–not only by finding and dedicating something bigger than herself—but by choosing to leave her destined throne and its fatal trap. It would be the ultimate display of her power.
[Model]: Leighton Meester
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- xoxo, Cam.

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