Camille Ford

Camille Ford for RIH
  • outfit – Afterdrk -
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    "camille ford" — @n-zy
  • The Good Life.
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    "born and bred in the big apple" — @n-zy
    yasmin - 16 years old - london (unfortunately, I do not own any of the pictures unless stated)
  • Fleur
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    "you probably already know her (dysfunctional) family..." — @n-zy
  • Tom Ford’s Rules of Style
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    "her dad, dimitri ford, owns the city's largest publication empire. made headlines for coming out of the closet after divorcing his wife." — @n-zy
    Tom Ford is the eternal gentleman. I don’t think there’s really any other way to put it. His ten “rules of style” are, despite what you think of the man himself, spot on. Ju...
  • Marion Cotillard
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    "her mom, lucille ford, was a supermodel who had her own string of illicit affairs behind closed doors. now she runs a modeling agency with her young toy boy." — @n-zy
    Als Kind einer Schauspielerfamilie trat Marion Cotillard zum ersten Mal mit fünf Jahren auf einer Bühne auf, mit sechs ergatterte sie erste Rollen in zwei Fernsehfilmen. Nach ihrem Schauspielstudium am "Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique“ in Orléans spielte sie in verschiedenen Theater-, Kino- und Fernsehproduktionen, u.a. in einer Episode der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie "Highlander“. Ihre Kinokarriere stagnierte jedoch, bis Marion Cotillard im Action-Film "Taxi“ mitspielte (eine Produktion von Luc Besson) und dafür eine César-Nominierung erhielt. Nachdem sie beim Newport Beach Film Festival für ihre Leistung in der Liebeskomödie "Liebe mich, wenn du dich traust“ als beste Darstellerin ausgezeichnet wurde, bot Tim Burton Marion Cotillard eine Nebenrolle in seiner Komödie „Big Fish“ an. Es folgen Engagements für Kinofilme wie "Mathilde – Eine große Liebe“ und für die englischsprachige Komödie "Ein gutes Jahr“, in der sie unter der Regie von Ridley Scott und an der Seite von Russell Crowe spielet. Ihre Hauptrolle in Olivier Dahans Film "La vie en rose“ brachte Marion Cotillard 2008 den Oscar für die Darstellung der berühmten Chansonsängerin Édith Piaf ein.
  • Teen Idols 4 You : Picture of Cam Gigandet in General Pictures
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    "when he's not too busy making out with supermodels or picking fights when he's drunk, older brother damien can actually be quite a nice guy." — @n-zy
  • whisper words of wisdom;
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    "crazy runs in the family - but somehow camille managed to escape it." — @n-zy
  • nyfw fall 2012 salvatore ferragamo anna dello russo mira duma - Яндекс.Картинки
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    "after graduating from FIT, she joined GAP as a fashion buyer." — @n-zy
    Яндекс.Картинки — это поиск картинок и фотографий в интернете.
  • No Artificial Flavours
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    "she dreams of being a stylist, simply because she loves it. she doesn't really care if people bring up her last name each time she succeeds in something." — @n-zy
  • Classy + Style
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    "camille's easy-going and down-to-earth, sometimes misunderstood as too vanilla - confrontations and complications are her allergies." — @n-zy
  • skinnybitching
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    "joining Running In Heels is probably the craziest thing she'll ever do." — @n-zy
  • Minimalist Design / Martinez Lierah
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    "minimalism is her mantra in fashion..." — @n-zy
  • glittershitter
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    "sometimes she dresses like she's a boy. but comfort is her top priority." — @n-zy
  • Random
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    "best friend alex murdoch is her biggest fan - rain or shine, he's always there for her." — @n-zy
    matt-lanter-troix (4).jpg (2545×3396)
  • wouldn’t it be nice to be here…?
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    "they share an apartment on the upper east side. actually, it's alex's place - camille's just bunking in till she finds her own dream home..." — @n-zy
    wouldn’t it be nice to be here…?
  • J.W.Anderson Leather Biker Jacket
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    "camille may seem like she doesn't care. but she's got her eyes on winning - and as nice as she seems, there could be some crazy waiting to come out soon." — @n-zy
    Bowled over. Us. By this utterly gorgeous J.W.Anderson biker in softest leather, in softest blue. Image courtesy of AfterDrk. Pale Blue Biker Jacket in softest lambskin. True to size. Specialist clean only. Image courtesy of AfterDrk.

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