Camp Circe//Bamboo Takahashi

☼ Bamboo "BAM"
age; 15
god/goddess parent; Athena
likes; constellation maps, mathematics, coconut jellybeans
bio; Bam's brilliant, but that's hardly surprising given who her mother is. She's attended Circe's for four summers now, and each and every summer, it's her cabin that wins the Cabin Wars. That's no coincidence. Bam happens to be a clever strategist as well as a gifted spearman. Nothing quite so dangerous as a cunning warrior. She also happens to be Lykopis' favourite pupil. Bam's own spear was given to her by her mother as a reward for completing a quest, and she carries it on her back at almost all times. She also tends to have at least one book under arm, if not two or three. Presently, Bam is occupying her spare time with building an incredibly detailed mini {though it's still as long as the staff cabin} replica of the Parthenon entirely out of sand as a sort of homage to her mother. She's been steadily recruiting both campers and the native nereids to help her complete the project on the beach of the eastern inlet before summer's end.
model; Yumi Lambert
taken by;

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Wrote three years ago
Utter perfection! Just as I imagined her. :}


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