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"Come on Kar, can't you keep up?" Harry taunted in front of her, running around in the open forest.

"I would be able to if you didn't run so fast." Karleigh mumbled, continuing to walk slow and inspect logs. Harry and Karleigh were out camping with a few other members of One Direction and more. They were supposed to have a big bonfire and party tonight, and Karleigh was assigned to find firewood with Harry. 

"Found some!" he yelled out, hopping over a fallen tree. Karleigh groaned. 

"How am I supposed to get over there?"

"Jump off like I did, chicken."
" 'Jump off like I did, chicken.'" she mimicked him. Climbing up the tree was the easy part. Jumping off? Little did Harry know, she had a fear of heights. After mumbling a sarcastic prayer and preparing to jump, Karleigh shrieked and lost her footing and ended up falling back first to the rocky, dirty forest floor.
"Karleigh!" Harry yelled, hopping over rocks like a maniac in order to get to her.

"Karleigh," he panted. "A-Are you okay?"

She whined, "My shoulder hurts…" Harry attempted to pull her into a sitting position, but failed. As cliché as it seemed, Harry picked her up bridal style and managed to return her to the camp site without a word.
 Later that night, Karleigh stumbled out of her tent as the bonfire began. She found Harry alone and sitting on a sprawled out towel. Without any words, she sat down next to him and curled into his side, enjoying the warmth his body and the fire created.

"Thanks for carrying me back." Karleigh said after a while. Harry rubbed his face.

" 's nothing, I just feel so bad about telling you to jump." 

"Harry, it's fine - trust me." she said.

"You really forgive me after all of that?"

"Of course, Harry. It's not like you told me to sprain my shoulder. Besides, I didn't know I was going to fall." After a brief pause of silence, Karleigh felt lips on hers. Shocked, she kissed back with the same amount of softness Harry had. He pulled back and smiled at Karleigh's face. 

"Hey, everything happens for a reason right?"
Well this was terrible. xD I'm writing and posting this during last block, so hopefully it doesn’t have that many errors and seems awful. :3


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