{ i can feel it in my bones, schizophrenia is taking me home }

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→ full name: aurelia noelle deveraux.
→ nickname: aura, elle, lia.
→ age: seventeen.
→ date of birth: june twelfth.
→ nationality: 5O% french & 5O% british.
→ hometown: paris, france.

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→ appearance: with her cascading, caramel waves and sultry cupid's bow lips, there is no denying that aurelia has a very alluring appearance. standing at the height of five foot eight, this parisian princess always manages to turn heads. aurelia's svelte body gives her the aura of somebody much older, showcasing seemingly endless legs, curvy hips, a flat, toned stomach and perky b-cups. her skin is lightly sun-kissed and flawless. aurelia's golden tresses tumble past her jutting collarbones and frame her face perfectly. her eyes are catlike, azure in colour and surrounded by thick, voluminous lashes. they say that eyes are windows to the soul, and aurelia is living proof of this - you can always tell exactly what aurelia's thinking from one glance at her eyes, whether they're containing that devilish glitter or holding a seductive stare just depends on her mood.
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→ personality: aurelia is always the girl with outrageous stories to tell. as you sit, lounging around in her room, you can see a sparkle in her eye that explains it all. there's just something about the way that the words roll off her tongue, coated in that alluring, french accent that makes you want to know more. of course, she's always happy to tell, but what aurelia loves more than anything is making new memories. why waste time chatting, when you can be out there living it with her? aurelia is a huge risk taker, pushing a lot of boundaries and not caring about many rules. she has an open mind and is always willing to try new things. aurelia is confident, intriguing and spontaneous. she lives in the moment, only pausing to think of tomorrow when it rolls around the corner. aurelia is very care-free and simply adores that weightless feeling that she gets when she's doing something that she knows she probably shouldn't be. aurelia rarely judges people based on their background or social status; as long as they're willing to have fun, she doesn't mind who she's with. unfortunately, her mental health has taken a turn for the worst over the past few months. aurelia still likes to have a lot of fun, but she struggles a lot more. she hallucinates a lot more frequently, meaning that she hears voices and sees things that often aren't there. this makes some people wary of her and makes them keep their distance.
→ mental disorder: schizophrenia.
→ likes: champagne. late night conversations. travelling. blueberries. rock music. unmade beds. peanut butter. messy hair. partying. sketching. tea. the smell of summer rain. cosy sweaters. vintage pieces. wearing other people's clothes. coffee. recklessness. foreign culture. old movies. pop-punk music. astronomy. bonfires. dancing. having fun.
→ dislikes: ignorance. animal cruelty. liars. over competitive people. fakes. seeing people cry. being told how to think / feel. monday mornings. reality tv. negative people. maths. buzz-kills. being cold. listening to people boast. fake sympathy.
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→ biography: justpaste.it/ds65
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→ secret: when her grades initially started slipping at her previous school, aurelia was desperate to keep them up. let's just say her after school "tutoring" sessions with her charming, young mathematics teacher were very /interesting/.
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