I can feel the world slipping out of my hands. It burns..

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Wrote one year ago

Wrote one year ago
My Demon Butlers:
@p4ndal0v3 crazy kaboodler
@flamingsky Glitch
@anna300044 Shawol Freelancer
@vangafang Silent Kuroko
@emo-vampire-nicole The Emo Otaku

Wrote one year ago
My Circus:
@kikinum1 France in a thousand roses
@animefollower Luffy's best friend on board
@psuedonym The Introvert
@song-bird-luv pasta lover
@polyvorefef Sass Master <(=3=)/
@andy-sutcliff lady Death
@heartsandskulls freckled jesus
@oreokk22 wanda maximoff's gorgeous wifey
@flamingskies Creepy-wild
@jaythemagnificent The Doughnut Of Awesomeness
@geeky-j Weirdo
@deathnotegirl101 The female Undertaker
@selfdestructiveatheart Satan's Demon Pickle Army cx
@vikingqueen Humanity's Strongest

Wrote one year ago
Ghoul life:
@m-x-g-i-c kanato's feminine twin
@milky-chan flymintbunny's crazy cousin
@shaded-skies Your loveliest nightmare
@xxrising-artistxx Barrack Obaka
@vida01 SAO Master
@animegeekgirl The one who calls me Senpai
@redshinigami13 One Psychotic Reaper
@plasticlizard022 Lady Lizard of Plastic
@candy11302 Hetalia And Lab Rats Queen
@red-foxess-and-wolf Sexiest kitty around
@aspiring-alison not kira

Wrote one year ago
Elskar Deg:
@demondog Captain Booty-shorts -3-
@kaito-potato Titan Boy
@akihabara Norway's white little bunny
@care-bear13 The son of Satan Rin Okumura. Hero in training
@marina-chan Sweden's Waffle :3
@pepsicola111201 I WILL GET YOU!! IZAYA!! D:<
@jeankirschtein Jean's butt
@ameliafjones1 Not so symmetrical Death the Kid XD
@adriapril Pasta Boy, Italy =w=
@amrodrigues03 Gaara, The sand assassin :D
@alice423 My forever loyal friend, Kuro.
@funnygirlbunny Will one day be a Hokaga, Naruto
@amy-luvs-teenwolf Zero my Vampire Kinght
@ritsa-abril the nicer of the two Kaoru X3
@violet-lamore One hell of a Fangirl
@lovablepinkie My Demon butler Sebastian
@asheby SuperWhoLockian Nerd
@carrie0919 GamerGirl
@animetrend Alphonse's Kitten
@unicorns-are-magical Fangirls Assemble


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