Sorry guys i think i've made many sets already.

well,not not satisfied yet missing you
precious set is kind of rush to made..here we go again also inspired by Dara's MV screen cap.

Missing you [Live]:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiSFQ2MCeIM
Side Story:http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/11/2ne1s-minzy-admits-to-receiving-cosmetic-surgery-for-her-nose#axzz2mA0qLvhD
you guys might have heard that Minzy have done nose job,my first feedback kinda disappointed 
idw to hear any reasons why she"MUST HAVE" to do nose job to helping her health get better?

Esp.i totally a YG stan and always said after Bom's case can be no one? will going to do plastic surgery and gives us numerous reasons+health problem to do surgery when the first choice just accept it "do it because of want to get prettier" dont understand me wrong that i sounded like i'm anti-2NE1 
i means i'm disappointed idk who here will understand my feeling.

Of course their money,their body but how about YG boss come out to said no plastic surgery after this[saying to new girl group in the future] and well Minzy is not a new girl group ? just thinking along to this, when someone who's elder got many respected say sth like tell public an openly to know and then under control not even follow the rule hmmm !! why we'd expect for sth will change for Kpop about look in the future >>No hope.everyone want pretty nose,double eyelid,V line chin gosh i feel terrible,everyone might look the same.
look what if someday Kai did plastic surgery i'll feeling the same.
At least she admitted she did it,i really like her that why i really disappointed.

No need to agree with me,this is my personal react.i'd like to hear your opinion too if you'd like to share.
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