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"PLEASE tell me you're able to hang out today, please, please, please tell me you're free!" I whine into my iPhone, pacing back and forth in my room, awaiting Ava's answer. 

I had been going stir crazy in this damn hotel. Maybe it was because of the fact that it was now summer and I had nothing to do, or maybe it was because my "new family" were driving me absolutely f*cking nuts. Especially Chuck, who had been even creepier and had taken a new liking to calling me sis, even though he knew I despised it. 

And always when I wanted to hang out, everyone else was busy. They had plans, family commitments, and I swear, I was so desperate, I was ready to go to a club all on my own and make my own damn friends. 

"I'm sorry, Kris," Ava said into the phone. "But I have that thing today for my mom's company," She explains. "We'll hang out soon, okay? I promise. I've got to go. Hang in there!" She hangs up before I could even get to responding back. 

I sigh, tossing my phone onto my bed and sitting down onto the comfortable, king sized bed. I was so bored. I wished I could just go out, but nobody was available. And my other option for the night? 
Having dinner with my "new family". Lovely, right? 

I sigh once again, lying down on the bed and looking up at the ceiling. I wasn't enjoying any of this situation at all. I had barely talked to my father for the time being, and I hadn't been in contact with my mother since she kicked us out also. 
It all just sucked so bad. I couldn't stand any of it. Especially being stuck living under the same roof as Chuck. 

I heard a knock at the door, "Come in!" I call as I then sit up, looking to see, none other than Chuck, standing there. A sly smirk on his face. 

"Yes?" I ask him, looking at him. 

"Dinner's ready… your father says he would appreciate you joining us tonight and actually eating." He informs me. 

I had barely been participating in family dinners. I would come down for a little bit, maybe have a little bit of the glass of wine that was placed in front of me, but then I would either take my food upstairs, or just not even eat at all. 
Maybe it was my form of hunger strike or something, but I just didn't enjoy sitting at that table, next to Chuck, staring at my father and his girlfriend across the table. 

I look at Chuck for a moment before sighing, "Fine," I settle, getting up, and smoothing my sequined romper, looking in the mirror. If I was actually going to actively participate in a dinner, I may as well try and look my best, right?

"You look fantastic as always, sis, come on," He says. 

I roll my eyes, not even saying anything, but walking out of my room with him and down the stairs, careful not to trip in my sky-high Lanvin wedges. 

"You really hate living here, don't you?" He asks me. 

I shrug, "It's not a walk in the park, but I prefer my own home…" I say looking at him. 

"Don't worry, sis, you'll get used to it," He says with a smirk, placing his hand on the small of my back and I cringe slightly.
But luckily then we arrive in the dining room, where the chefs have already set our tables and everything is prepared. 

"Wow, look who's finally really joining us," My dad gushes and I fight the urge to roll my eyes completely. "You look nice, Kristina." 

I scoff, "What else is new?" I say c*ckily, as I then take my seat next to Chuck, crossing my long, tanned legs and smirking at him. 

I grab the glass of white wine placed in front of me, taking a sip of it and setting it back down before cutting into my chicken. 
If anything, I do have to admit that the food here is pretty good. The chefs really do know their stuff. 

After awhile of eating and My father and Lily chatting, Chuck occasionally joining in, my father raises his glass. I had been staying quiet the entire meal, partially because I had nothing to say, but also in fear that if I did say something… well, it just wouldn't be too nice. "I would like to make a toast," My father states and I look up from my meal.

"I'd like to celebrate our new, blended family… I hope this is a new chapter in our life and this is a start of many more memories to come." He smiles. 

I raise my glass, letting out a snort and chuckling slightly. 

"Something funny, Kristina?" My father asks. 

Oh God, here it comes. 
"Blended family? Seirously… is that what we're really gonna call this?" I ask. " We're barely a family to begin with, let alone with the word 'blended' in front of it." I snort. 

My father rolls his eyes, clearing his throat and ignoring my statement. "To new beginnings and more memories!" He says, clinking glasses with Lily, then Chuck, and lastly, me. I clink my glass with his extra hard, before turning to Chuck and clinking mine with his as he gives me a smirk. 

I press the glass to my lips, letting the white wine pour down my throat. Thank God this dinner was almost over. 

After dinner, I head back up to my room, and I see that my phone has a couple missed calls… from Josh. 
I had told him about my situation, but he had been busy with family things as well, along with community service for senior year… it was just like everyone was busy with other things. 

I call him back, "Hello?" I ask him.

"Hey, Kris," He responds. 

"What's up?" 

"Nothing… can you come out tonight?" He asks me.

"Yeah, totally, when?" I say eagerly. 

"I'm not gonna be home until around ten, but I think I can sneak out around midnight," He says. 

I nod, "Sounds good… meet me in front of the Palace?" I ask him. 

"Sure, see you then," I say, then hanging up, looking up to see that Chuck was standing in my doorway. 

I raise an eyebrow at him, "Yes?" I ask him. 

"Can I talk to you?" He asks. 

"Sure." I say, looking at him as he steps inside, closing the door. Oh, God. "Talk." I say. 

"You have to be a little bit more pleasant about this whole thing…" He starts. "I know it can't be easy… it's not easy on any of us, but if our parents are happy that's all that matters, right?" 

"What about our happiness?" I ask him. 

He sits down on my bed alongside me and I cringe slightly. The guy that broke my best friend's heart is sitting on my bed… we're living under the same roof… our parents are /together/... it couldn't get any creepier than that. 

"Just… relax about it.. okay? We all get you're angry… we get it… you don't have to be so snippy though." He says. 

I sigh, "I guess you're right." I say and I can't believe I'm actually admitting that Chuck Bass is right. Ugh. 

"I'm always right, sis," He states. 

I pause for a second, looking at him, "Thanks… I guess," 

"You know there's probably a better way you could thank me," He smirks. 

"And what's that?" I ask. 

"Maybe a kiss or two?"

I laugh, gently pushing him, "Uh no, I have a boyfriend," I remind him. 

He nods, "That reminds me, how is Josh?" He asks. 

I nod, "Good… really good, actually," I smile. 

"Hm, you two probably have the best sex life.." 

I laugh slightly, looking at him, "Okay, now, get out," I say as he stands up, I then gently push him out of my room. 

"Oh come on, you know you love me," He says as I close my door. 

I laugh, rolling my eyes and sitting on my bed, eagerly awaiting midnight. 

Hours passed, and soon, it was midnight. 
I re-applied a bit of makeup and carefully carried my shoes as I walked downstairs. I didn't want to risk anyone hearing me. 
I reached the elevator, and as I got in, I looked to see that Chuck was in the elevator as well. 

"What are you doing?" He asks, looking at my wedges, dangling from my hand. 

"Sneaking out to see Josh… what are you doing?" I ask. 

"The exact same thing, minus Josh," He says as I struggle to put on my shoes. 

The elevator dinged and I got out, entering the lobby. I walked out into the lobby and then outside, the really warm, Manhattan air wrapping around me, as I then spotted Josh. 

"Remember to be back before sunrise, sis!" Chuck called to me and I rolled my eyes playfully, then planting a kiss onto Josh's lips. 

"Hey," He greets me, as I then take his hand. "Where do you want to go?" He asks. 

I shake my head, beginning to walk, "I don't care… anywhere, as long as it's away from here," I say as we began to wander the concrete jungle, having no idea where it would take us. But I didn't care. As long as it was far away, and I was with Josh, I didn't care.
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