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My intro (:
cierra may carmichael {seventeen}
likes- her family, leather handbags, leopard print, neutral colors, hot guys, the beach, coffee, alcohol, doing what she wants, parties, wavy hair, tiramisu, elle magazine, cocktail rings, having fun, water, paparazzi, dresses, galas.
dislikes- insecurity, her mother (sometimes), insects, feeling guilty, tea, being told what to do, reading (except when it's about her), schoolwork, relationships, fattening foods, herself. 
bio- oh, cierra, where to begin with this one? cierra is the carmichael sister that is probably the least like her entire family, as she's the one known for her crazy antics and her dirty little lip gloss coated mouth. and of course, cierra doesn't mind her somewhat bad reputation, oh not at all. beneath those blonde waves and those big, luscious lips, cierra has a tough exterior, with skin hard as her acrylic nails, which enables her to not really care about what people have to say about her. she says whatever she wants or feels and she does whatever she wants, without an absolute care in the world. and surprisingly, no one dares to even step in the way of her patent pump. since cierra is one of the younger sisters, she's had to fight to be noticed. after years of living in her older sister's shadows, cierra broke free just recently and started doing some crazy things that were… well, newspaper worthy. cierra is young and reckless, doing things she probably shouldn't, like drinking, hooking up, and perhaps taking some illegal substances. of course, she did end up getting in trouble for some of those things her actions had to have some consequences after all. but after doing all those things, she got noticed. and cierra liked it… a lot. for once, the shining spotlight was on her. now though, cierra is one of the most recognized carmichael girls, partially because of her extensive background, but also because of her amazing and exotic looks. she loves being noticed still. it feels good for her not to be left in the dark anymore. Being noticed and recognized as a carmichael girl made her feel good, powerful. but deep down, cierra isn't all that powerful and she isn't as strong or confident as she looks. deep down, cierra is really insecure about herself. you never would've expected that, right? but cierra has been insecure practically her whole life. after having to fight for her own parents to notice her, and having to bask in the shadows, cierra grew to hate herself and to be able to pick apart every flaw she could find, and she found a lot. she began to compare herself to her sisters, not just in looks though, but in talents, skills, relationships. to cierra, she was just never good enough, and she still isn't. but instead of confronting her insecurities, cierra hid them and kept all of her dark thoughts underneath it all. she instead learned how to be a blunt little b*tch that was harsh and honest to everyone, just to hide how low she truly felt about herself. but poor little cierra is bound to break sooner to later. even she knows she can't hold it all together forever. and as her family begin to be more and more in the public eye, it's getting even worse hearing other's opinions about herself, which have become a daily challenge. cierra can't put on this strong, confident facade forever. she just can't. before we know it, this little carmichael will fall and break, and it'll be for the entire world to see. 
model- frida aasen
Hello there, I'm Cierra May Carmichael. I'm one of the youngest sisters in the Carmichael family. I'd say I might just be the most blunt and sarcastic b*tch you've ever met in your life also. I'm blunt… if you ask for my honest opinion (or even if you don't ask) I'm going to give it to you exactly as I see it. And if you don't like it? Well, too da.mn bad. 
I like to party… a lot, so alcohol is kinda like my best friend. Along with whatever boys I can get my hands on of course ;) 
I'm not all that bad though. If you're nice to me, well, I'll try and return the favor, but I do have my sisterly moments, I guess, but don't get too used to me being nice because chances are it'll only last a few seconds or minutes, so don't get too cozy (; 
There's nothing more to tell about me… besides, you're my sisters, you should already know me by now, you've known me for seventeen years, that's long enough, right? 
xx Cierra
Okay, I have no idea if I did that right, but basically it's just kinda Cierra describing herself :) Comment on how you want their relationship to be! (:
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