When I created this my thoughts wre of a young misfit walking up to me popping her gum in some out of the way country store, giving me the same look the model shows and saying..."That's a mighty fine hat mam, can I have it?" In a southern drawl of course. Like in a bad movie where they end up following you to your home and breaking in and being a psyco nut case. Lord my mind goes in so many different directions when creating a set sometimes. LOL I gave her the hat... O..o
Mrkyblu world

Mrkyblu world

Dear friends, welcome!
Welcome to my little world.This group is for all you imaginative, talented and nice people who together with me enjoy the charms offered by Polyvor.In this group are welcome all types of sets. Join us and with you originality and creativity breathe the beauty of this group.I look forward to having fun with you and I sincerely hope you will enjoy this group as much as I ....:))))



Any sets welcome !
This group promising u for full of fun & cool ideas contests.
So that you all enjoy to be a part of it.
God bless u all

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