***Top set on August 18, 2012***
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feat. Amanda Norgaard and Hannah Holman

Song of the day: Little Romance - Ingrid Michaelson

August 12, 2012

Whoa there. Layout change-up. What can I say... I wanted to try something new. And yes, this is my second set of the day. I know, I know. That's like an impossible feat for me, but, hey, it's summer so I got some extra time on my hands. I was trying to resist though, since I have one more blogger left to do tomorrow, but I couldn't hold in my thoughts anymore, so here's a little bloggie:

1) AH I CAN'T BELIEVE THE OLYMPICS ARE OVER. Sniff, sniff. Oh well. At least now I won't be constantly reminded that I have no talent in any sport whatsoever ;P lol. And starting tomorrow, I will have exactly four years to discover some talent unbeknownst to me and train hard to make it to Rio in 2016. Haha jokes. That's not gonna happen. But a girl can dream...
2) Okay, so I didn't catch the closing ceremony because I had a tennis lesson, but don't worry--I managed to find the boys' performance online. AHHHH ONE DIRECTION, I LOVE YOU. Lol how they didn't include Harry's solo so he couldn't mess up. Poor boy. Well I, for one, would like to think he would've rocked it, but I'm sure they didn't want a repeat of Red or Black happening in front of hundreds of millions of people. You could tell he was focusing really hard during his lines. What a cutie. Oh Hazza. Of course you can get a girl like Cara Delevingne (btw, who buys that? I'm a little skeptical, but... I'd ship that).
3) Ah my favorite ginger was there too! Ed did well too. I just didn't know the song. Lol.
4) Speaking of music... Guys, I'm kind of in a music rut lately. I need some new music. It like doesn't take a lot for a song to please me, but at the same time, I'm quite picky. See, I like soft, acoustic type songs, but the song needs to like POP. Like there has to be something fun and catchy about it. Like if a song is too slow (even if it's a beautiful song), I tend to get a little bored. So like I've been listening to some of my favorite artists to try to find more of their songs that I like (and to be fair, I haven't looked at a lot yet), but I haven't been too successful. Like with Ingrid Michaelson, for example, I've listened to a few of her other songs, but I haven't found any as good as "You and I" or "The Way I Am." I mean there's this one, and it's nice and fine, but it doesn't have the same appeal that those other two do. You know what I mean? So I need some help. Could you guys kindly suggest some good music for me? Something along the lines of like Ed Sheeran/Jack Johnson/John Mayer/Matt Nathanson/The Script/Colbie Caillat/Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson... Yeah, that might be a kind of random mix, and I don't even know if those are all in the same sort of genre, but that's what I like. Thanks, guys!
5) Now I was also in a TV rut last week, but my friend helped solve the problem and introduced me to "How I Met Your Mother." Good show right there. See, I was always hesitant to start those like classic comedy show types because I feel like I easily get disappointed by those. For example, I've watched an episode of "The Office" before and didn't crack a smile the entire length of the episode (perhaps I should give it a fair chance and start from the beginning and watch more than one episode, but eh I'm kinda reluctant now). But HIMYM is actually good. I promise. Now I'll admit I'm not rolling on the floor laughing my head off every episode, but there's some funny stuff in there. And I've only actually watched like two seasons so far, so I wouldn't know if it starts to drag on or anything, but I find the romance between Marshall and Lily (two of the main characters for those of you who don't watch the show) adorable and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) hilarious, so that's good enough for me right now.
6) Oh, and while we're on the whole TV topic... A little birdie told me that "Victorious" did not get picked up for a fourth season. And "iCarly" is ending too. Now I feel like my childhood is coming to an end. Lol. I mean the Disney era already passed, what with the end of "Hannah Montana" and "Wizards of Waverly Place" (not to mention all the classics like "Lizzie McGuire" and "That's So Raven"), so Nickelodeon was all we had left! And I don't even really watch those shows, but come on, we've all seen an episode of "iCarly" or "Victorious!" Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice are like the Nickelodeon equivalents of Miley, Demi, and Selena! Those two shows were the last two shows from my childhood that still aired. Now I feel like I'm getting old, guys. The day "Good Luck Charlie" ends will be the end of an era. Fun fact: that's now the one and only kids show that I can actually enjoy. Well... Good thing there's lots of good TV shows for teens/adults! #greys #whitecollar #etc. #etc.
7) Ooh, going back to the Olympics really quickly since I forgot... THE US GOT THE MOST AMOUNT OF MEDALS!!! Woohoo!!! #TEAMUSA
8) And the Fab Five are coming back home now and I hear Jordyn's landing in NY. Um can I go greet her at the airport now and steal some of her awesomeness?!? Is talent contagious??? Geez I love those five girls. SO BEAST. 
9) Speaking of NY... Word on the street is, Polyvore's got an new SoHo office! Shout out to my home state! Well I guess they've mentioned it before on their Twitter, but they officially announced it on Friday, so go check out this cool article they tweeted: http://techcrunch.com/2012/08/10/polyvore-nyc/. Oh, and congrats to @polyvore for hitting 17 million unique visitors a month! Wow. That's a lot!
10) BTW, I've been seeing Polyvore-related posts pop up ALL OVER my dashboard on Tumblr lately. Interesting. I'm just curious... Is anyone else experiencing that? It would seem that Polyvore has a surge of new members from Tumblr... 
11) Alright I feel like I've been rambling forever now, so I'm gonna stop and call it a night. I didn't even realize it was so late. I still have to take a shower! Okay so bye, guys! Hope you all had a good weekend! xx


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Love it! Young and pretty!

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Congrats dear!!!

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Congrats on the top sets and also on the biggest amount of medals! I'm glad Poland finally ended with 10 medals , not so many but the same as in Beiijing and Athens so we can say that we're not going worse at sport haha... Anyway there were times we got 20 or 15 but well it changed. I watched I think half of the closing ceremony, Ed Sheeran actually was singing a song by Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here I found it awesome really :) and the drummer of Pink Floyd was with them.
On the other note, this layout is lovely, and so Amanda Norgaard is :))

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Congrats on top sets! :)

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this set is amazing!

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So lovely<3

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Bag is very nice .. :)

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the bag is awesome :D do like your style. congrats

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AWESOME SET :) I love how much the bag stands out. Just incredible! :)

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Very nice, Love it !! :D

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love the colours and layout, congrats on top set! ~ eмiℓу ♥

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CONGRATS, darling!!!!!

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congrats on top sets dear!!!

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fabulous, dear... congrats!!!

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CONGRATSSS we got Top Sets the same day yay :))

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Great set! ♫ ♪ ♫☆ ♪Congratulations!!☆ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

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congrats! great set!

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