And there he goes so perfectly. The kind of flawless I wish I could be. 
teardrops on my guitar // taylor swift
I'm listening to that right now. Getting me kind of depressed.

School starts on wednesday D:

Sorry for two battle sets in a row (crappy ones at that). We had to use a disney princess, this is for Battle of the Fashionista's Round 6: Disney Princesses. The first thing I thought of was Tangled, because I adore that movie but then I realized I already have a set for that. I knew everyone would do Cinderella because that was easy so I wanted to something different.. but I still wanted to do something I loved as a child that I could do pretty easily. But as I looked for pictures... I found it wasn't easy... finally I found these two pictures for sleeping beaty and while flipping through the dresses I found this dress. I just clicked on shoes then had to eat dinner. Then I realized that dress would go really well with wedges. Finally, I decided on a sort of beachy take on Sleeping Beauty.

I'm not sure if I like it (I ran out of space, 50 fillers), but I tried and I do love the outfit.
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