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Guess who has to be at school at 7 o’clock tomorrow? Me! The joys of graduation week. So yeah this is rushed and I’ll get to replying to messages tomorrow pinky swear but I was so excited for this rp x


Name: Holly Alexander
Age: 21
Birthday: December 17 1990
Why they’re at the house: She’s trying to decide what to do with her life and distance herself from her old friend.
How long they’ve been there: 2 and a half years
Quote or Lyric: “We’re the kids who feel like dead ends and I want to be known for my hits, not just my misses”
Occupation: Works at Napoleon Perdis in enex100 | Bartender at Eve
Bio: Holly was one of those girls that typifies every stereotype there is of Generation Y. She had no clue what to do with her life, so sense of responsibility and expected everything to be handed to her on a silver platter. After graduating High School with average marks she did a course in nail technology then hairdressing, she partied every night and didn’t have a job. She spent her parents money on clothes, shoes, alcohol and frivolous nothings, encouraged my her high school friends. Eventually her parents had enough and cut off the money, forcing her to get a job. Holly realised how pointless and aimless her life was and promptly dropped (most of) her friends, picked up two jobs and moved into the Boarding House. Two and a half years later Holly still has no idea what she wants to do with her life, she’s still working the same 2 menial jobs and spending all her pay almost as soon as she gets it. She’s trying to get her life on track, she just still can’t bring herself to work up the effort to enrol in uni. And without a shiny degree or diploma, well there aren’t many prospects for this carefree girl.
Goal: To eventually sort out what she wants to do with her life.
Relationship Status: Has a casual thing going with Logan Burke
Model: Emma Roberts

Style: I like to think my style’s simple enough but like its also super diverse. Basically whatever I look hot in and can afford. Heels are a must and I like showing off my neck because its like really skinny and long. In summer when I have a nice tan and its really hot I wear as little as I can, in winter I wear lots but always nicely fitted. I work hard and give up lots for this body, I’m totally going to put it to use. Also i'm never without like one item of jewelry. so yeah really a long winded way of saying things that make me look good.

Talent: Nothing. Like absolutely nothing.

Defining Features: My ears are pierced and well to be totally honest my hair colour changes weekly pretty much, because staying the same is boring am I right? I guess good thing we have a hairdresser in Evie because I could not afford to get my hair died as often as I like. I don’t think I’d convince dad that was an essential even though it is.

Parents: My daddy Graham and my lovely mama Samantha
Siblings: One older brother Hunter. Yes our names are Holly and Hunter, what can I say? My dads a fan.
Family History: It’s pretty boring actually. Mama and Daddy met because Mama’s brother and Daddy went to university together. They got married, had Hunter and then 5 years later I came along. We’ve always been pretty close, both our nuclear family and extended family. Even though they want me to sort out my life they still love me unconditionally (and buy me lots of shit) which I guess is more than most people can say about their family.

Likes: Mascara, perfume, money, being perfectly put together, dying my hair, trying new things, working at Eve, my co-workers, my family, free stuff, casual relationships, affection, hugs, sunglasses, high heels, cute boys, time with my friends, girl time, the spa, my single room, her time to herself, staying healthy, making people laugh and happy, being kind, compliments, people not writing her off and really getting to know her, acceptance, redemption, reading, trivia, boardgames, music. Never having to grow up.

Dislikes: Sadness, cake-face, ugg boots in public, clingy boys, fake people, working in the morning, being smothered, being written off, exclusive relationships, routine, my boss at NP, sweet foods most of the time (special occasions I’ll make an exception) judgemental people, being alone to much, people who try and force me into their stupid labelled boxes, my friends from high school, thinking about the way I used to act, my lack of direction in life, rain, sunburn, cooking for other people, boredom, people who are one dimensional, herself.

Favourite Music: One Direction, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Taylor Swift, Little Mix [AN:sorry chrissy ;P] P!nk, 30 Seconds to Mars, Delta Goodrem, Good Charlotte, Panic at the disco, Ellie Goulding, Marina & the Diamonds, Rita Ora, Jessie J, Kylie Minogue, Eskimo Joe, The Veronicas
Favourite Tv Shows: Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Offspring, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Buffy, Keeping up with Kardashians (for trash value only. Promise) 

Favourite Movies: Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, The Princess Bride, Clueless, St. Trinians, Avengers, Love Actually, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Streetcar Named Desire, Vertigo, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The Hunger Games 

Favourite Books: Mortal Instruments, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye, Lolita, Gossip Girl, 

Favourite Foods: Nothing to sugary or sweet or fattening. Salad is good I guess

Icon: An Icon is someone you aspire to be like? I have no aspirations so then shouldn’t I have no icon?

How did you find out about the House?
The angel that is Carson told me about it. Well actually he’s more of a demon but still regardless Carson told me since he was here at the time.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Sunbathing after a shopping spree. In peace and quiet. Well no with my music blaring but no one around to bother me.

What is your most treasured possession?
Things are things. I have lots of things but none of them are more than pretty things, ya know?

Who is the most important person in your life?
My family. Do I have to choose? I hear that’s wrong? Except it’s a really easy decision actually. Hunter. Hunter every single time. Actually no it’s not actually that easy because my mother is pretty awesome also. But I still gotta go with Hunter. 

What is your greatest extravagance?
Shopping. Spending money in general I guess. Mama says if it’s not extravagant I don’t want it

Where would you like to live?
New York. Or Paris. Or anywhere fun and glamorous really.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I’d give myself and amazing talent so at least I’d have a calling in life.

What is your most significant childhood memory?
Well I dunno if I feel comfortable answering this but I’m nothing if not honest so I guess I’ll tell you. It’s nothing fancy really just Christmas day when I was 11 or 12 we were at my cousins house and we played this game of cricket. And like only a few of them actually liked cricket but everyone played and got involved and I remember it being a lot of fun. And even when the sprinklers turned on we still played. So yeah I just remember it being a nice day :)

On what occasions do you lie?
I don’t lie often, like what’s the point? I guess to get myself out of trouble because like duh right? Who actually wants to get in trouble.

What is your greatest fear?
Getting old. I know what you’re thinking “How vain Holly” but like I’ve done nothing with my life, I don’t want to get old and find I’ve wasted my whole life, you know?

What is the quality you most like in a romantic partner?
Well looks is an obvious thing but just like charming and charismatic. Not being a creeper

What is your greatest regret?
The ages if 19 and 20.
What do you most value in your friends?
Honesty. Individuality. Liking me or at least tolerating me. I mean like people for a particular trait is stupid. Some people are loud in a fun way some people are loud in a pretentious I wanna kill you way. You know everyone’s different? Also happiness. Like I hate when people aren’t happy because I mean there’s always something to be happy about right? If you’re my friend you’re just not ALLOWED to be sad because I don’t want you to be sad, simple as that.

What is something you’re thankful for?
My awesome job. Well my job at Eve. The other one is so so but could be worse. I could have to deal with food or something.

Any bad habits?
Mama says I use words like like and super to much so I guess that’s a bad habit. And also indecisiveness feels like a bad habit but is it? I’m not sure so I guess I dunno.

Who was your first crush?
I don’t remember his name. I was 12 though and he was hot for a 12 year old. Pretty tall and blonde with brown eyes and a nice tan. I’ve just always had impeccable taste.

Describe yourself in 5 words?
Apathetic, honest, shallow, flirty, kind.

What do you think of your roommate/What kinda relationship do you have?
Single Room MOFOs (sometimes though I’m kinda jealous of the relationships the rest of you have with your roommates like I want someone to rely on like that)
Who is favourite person in the house? Why? (Or favourite people)
Don’t make me pick guys. Carson because I’ve known him the longest. But Evie does my hair for me and has a cute brother. And Emily cooks really nice, Zara is funny and has a cool eastern states accent, Nicole’s talent is beyond crazy and I’m so jealous. Skylar is like the gay best friend I never had except not gay and he sometimes helps me fix clothes I ruin. Tyler knows so much about everything and is just like super wise. Aly is so damn driven and like knows so much about the big wide world and Lou has the freaking coolest job ever and is just freaking cool herself! So yeah. It’s hard :D Could be worse, you could all be ass.holes.

What is your pet peeve?
People dismissing me as vain and selfish like just because I express myself differently to you doesn’t make you any better than me. I don’t know how to be any different from how I am but I don’t like it when other people are grumpy and in a bad mood (unless I deliberately put you there for fun) and like sometimes I hate how people don’t see that. See now I made myself sad


All done for now though I might add more questions later. Hopefully this fleshes Holly out a bit more as a character and makes her less stereotypical/cliche but at the same time still selfish and immature and vain yeah? Anyway
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