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"You're going to make your mami bald," I walked in the room and took Sienna from Ry's arms before she could hurt her mom by keeping tugging at her hair. I cradled her in my arms as she reveled in the attention she was getting. 
"Bawd," She repeated and made a gurgling sound. 
"Good try," I smiled down at her and kissed her forehead, her hand locking on my hair this time. She had a thing for hair and it wasn't good for us. For such a tiny thing, she could really yank hard. "Are you ready Ry?" 
She stored the bottle away in the diaper bag and zipped it closed, "Yes... but I feel like I'm forgetting something." 
"Got them," She nodded. "And a bottle, pacifier, spare clothes..." 
"You're bringing extra clothes for her?" I raised an eyebrow while she grinned. 
"She might have an accident," She reasoned, making me think about the explosive pee diaper incident. She was a great mom and always prepared whenever we went somewhere. "What else baby? I feel so frazzled." 
"We can stay here Ry," I shrugged my shoulders and looked at Sienna, forcing myself to reason. My parents deserved to know my little baby, but I hadn't talked to them in a while and I couln't help feeling nervous. I'd lie if I said that the idea of ditching the visit hadn't crossed my mind.
She shook her head, "No. We can leave now. Everything's packed."
"Okay." I said flatly, kind of lost in a daze as I let Sienna play with my beard.
"Nervous?" She asked, reading my mind like she always did. It didn't even surprise me anymore, she knew me better than anyone else.
I sighed and nodded, watching her as she set the bag on her shoulder before following toward the door of our hotel room. "A little." I paused, letting her go out first. "Well maybe nervous is not the right word, they're just my parents after all." I reasoned out loud.
"True and you have no reason to be nervous." She offered a smile as we walked into the elevator.
I smiled back at her, genuinely, Sienna moving in my arms as she tried to reach for the buttons no matter how far they were. She was a silly baby girl, determined at least...to not say stubborn. "It's just weird, I haven't seen them in so much time. They never saw Sienna, just in pictures." I sighed, waiting for the doors of the elevator to open again.
"But it's not like you fought with them." She pointed out, the tone of her voice careful and hesistant like everytime we talked about my parents. Which happened almost never.
I shrugged as I set my free hand on the small of her back, leading her outside the hotel and toward the car I had rent for the days we were going to spend in LA. "We'll see." I said casually, not wanting to overthink the situation. Nothing had really happened with my parents, just life and distance, I could't tell if it was my fault of their, but the result was pretty bad anyway. I opened the back door of the car and bent over to set my gorgeous daughter into the baby's chair, noticing her pout instantly. It was the kind of pout that she had when she didn't want to do something. "No pouts." I said as I tried to keep a straight face, knowing that it was the only way if I wanted to have a chance to convince Sienna.
Ryan climbed into the car, turning her head back to look at us and I could see she was struggling to not grin. "You have to stay there baby boo."
"Ba-bay no." She furrowed her brows but giggled as soon as I poked her nose.
"Oh baby yes instead." I smirked before closing the door and getting in the car. I glanced at Ry as I started the engine, "It's going to be a long day."
"Now you're making me nervous," Ryan said while smiling at me, but I hoped she was just teasing me. 
I set my right hand in hers while I pulled away from the hotel, leaving it behind us in the rear view mirror. "You used to be close with my mom," I replied, leaving it at that. I still remembered the first time my mom had seen Ryan, it had been like love at first sight and she used to adore her, that was the main reason why she had never been against us getting married the first time even though we were so young. But then Ry cheated, we devorced and things changed. Now we were married again, far from the couple we used to be, we had a gorgeous daughter and two others on their way, we were happier than ever. My mom knew nothing about the good part.
"I'm glad she's finally going to meet Sienna," She said honestly. 
"Me too," I replied with a small smile. 
"Why doesn't Jake talk to your parents anymore?" She asked curiously. 
I shrugged as we stopped at a light, taking a left as it changed again. "My parents are really strict," I sighed again as Sienna started trying to talk in the back seat, her voice carrying loudly throughout the small car. I had promised to myself I wouldn't ever be that kind of parent, I'd never want my girls to get distant from me because of that.
"It makes sense why you were such a good boy when we met," She grinned and gave my hand a small squeeze. 
I grinned back at her, "I kissed you first, didn't I?" "Only because I called you a good boy!" She grinned even wider until her smile matched mine, only hers was more gorgeous.
"You're right." I paused, glancing at her before looking back at the street, "You tricked me into that."
"I wouldn't ever do such a thing!" She protested and bit down on her lip. 
"Lies!" I widened my eyes a little, struggling to not grin. Even now, married and with a family, we managed to be silly like the first day and I loved that about us. I loved everything about us actually.
She shifted her body towards me, pouting a little, "I don't lie either."
"Too bad, I wanted to have a reason to spank you baby." I finally let a grin play on my lips, taking a right and driving the street that led to the place where I had spent my childhood.
"Ba-bay!" Sienna squealed from behind us.
Ry turned her head to her, reaching for her foot and squeezing it, "What mini boo?" 
I sighed as I stopped the car, glancing at my baby girl from the rear mirror, "She's missing attentions already." I grinned before getting out of the car and opening the door to unbuckle Sienna and pick her up. "Am I right cutie?" I asked, tickling her side as I waited for Ry.
"Da-da!" She answered in a giggle, kicking her feet like a crazy monkey.
"I think it's her way to say you're right." Ry smirked as she followed me towards the door of the big house in front of us. I couldn't even remeber the last time I had been there, that said a lot.
"I'm always." I winked at my gorgeous wife and took a deep breath before knocking on the wooden surface. A second later, the door opened and there she was, my mother, thinner and older than how I remembered her, I couldn't help feeling guilty. "Hi mom." I said quietly and forced a smile.
"Joseph," My mother said in a warm voice, wrapping an arm around me while noticing the gorgeous baby in my arms. "And you must be Sienna." 
"Si-na," She answered back, nuzzling her head against my chest while her tiny hand made a fist in my shirt. It killed me how she was shy the first five minutes after she met a new person but after that short time she went back to be her usual outgoing self. 
I watched as she lowered herself to where Sienna's head was, a huge smile on her face as she reached out for her free hand to take in hers. "You're gorgeous," She told her and Sienna smiled back, her big grin that looked a lot like mine or so Ryan said. "And you have your dads smile." ...and my mom too.
Ry leaned her head against my shoulder and tilted her head up to smile at me, looking at me like everytime she was trying to read the expression on my face. She was usually good at that but when it came to my parents? It was nearly impossible, the subject was off limits and I knew that her, above everyone else, could understand why. At least she was working on her relationship with her dad though and I was proud to be part of that. 
"Ryan," My mom tilted her head in my wife's direction and stood back up, reaching out to touch her belly lightly, "Congratulations." 
"Thank you Anne," She smiled genuinely and stepped closer to her with her arms stretched out, enfolding her in a hug.
She wrapped her arms around Ry and then took another step back, "Come in." 
I stepped in the house first, my eyes taking in my surroundings slowly, nothing seemed to have changed. "Is dad home?" 
"He should be getting home soon... He had to work late." 
Ry grinned, "Like father, like son." 
My mom walked in the house last and closed the door behind us, "The Scott men are full of pride. It has it's perks and it's downsides, but I'm sure you know that already." Ryan smiled and remained silent, looking like she didn't know what to say. There was a time when the two women were close, but lot of time had passed since my now wife was only 18 years old then and a virgin. "How far along are you?" 
"Seven months," I answered for hwe, noticing my mom eying the baby. "Do you want to hold her?"
Her eyes lightened as a small smile appeared on her lips, "I'd love that." She nodded and took a step closer to me, stretching her arms out.
"Go to grandma monkey." I said quietly as I turned my baby in my arms, but she held to my shirt stubbornly and hid her tiny face in my chest.
"Monkey?" My mom raised one eyebrow and gave us a confused look.
"We call her monkey sometimes since she's so cute and grabs everything." Ry explained as she reached for Sienna, forcing her to pull away from me and setting her in my mom's arms.
My mother's expression changed as she adjusted her granddaughter against her chest, "Hi Sienna." She said quietly.
My baby girl stared back at her, her big dark eyes studying her as she brought her fist to her mouth and bit it. "No."
"No?" My mom laughed lightly before looking back at me.
"She only knows a few words." I shrugged as we walked to the big living room and sat down on the couch. It was weird seeing all the women of my life in one room, in a good way of course, but part of me felt bad for keeping them distant for so long.
"No, baby and her name...kind of." Ry grinned as she adjusted her body against my side, her eyes not leaving our daughter and I could see from the way she looked at her that she was having one of her proud mom moments. And I, on my side, I was proud of her and our baby girl too.
My mother glanced at us, "No mom and dad?"
"Ma-ma!" Sienna squealed, bouncing in her arms and tossing her head in Ry's direction, shooting her one of her huge smiles.
I grinned and wrapped my arm around my wife's shoulders, starting to relax since it seemed like things were going pretty well or at least better than I was expecting. "You got your answer mom."
"You're really cute and smart Sienna." My mother smiled at her as our baby set one of her tiny hands on her grandmom's cheek and gave it a squeeze. Her shyness? Disappeared.
"She's all her mami." I smirked at Ry and glanced down at her.
"I agree, she's the small version of Ryan." My dad's voice broke into the room, taking us all by surprise.
I tensed again, getting up immediatly as he walked over us. I could deal with my mom, but it was a lot harder with my father. The fact that I was closer to Ry's dad than to my own dad? That said a lot. "Hi dad." I said forcing a calm tone.
"Joseph," He smiled at me, and for one moment I saw myself in him. Was I going to be like him? "You look tired," He added as we shook hands awkwardly. Tired was an understatement, fortunately I didn't mind it and I was good at sleeping just a few hours at night. The reason of my lack of sleep was more than good.
Ryan stood up and walked over to where we were standing, her arms stretched out for a hug which he thankfully went along with. "I'm probably the blame for that. My morning sickness has been terrible this time around," She said during the embrace, pulling back to smile at my dad Allen. In a way my dad and Ryan's were much alike, they were both amazing man who had built their own business from nothing, they were dedicated to their job and focused on their goals. The difference was that David's job was more fun. "Good to see you Allen." 
"You too Ryan," He smiled and moved away from us, walking over to where his wife was holding his only granddaughter, "Is this Sienna?" 
"Si," She replied and he grinned. 
"Si? Do you speak Spanish?" He asked her in amusement while she blinked her eyes in confusion, the look on her face adorable yet priceless. 
"She can't say her name very well. It's always either Si-na or Si," I told him, slipping my arm back around her waist and wishing I could relax for a second. Unfortunately I can't, despite so many years had passed I knew that my dad still resented me for turn down his offer to join the family business. I wanted to walk with my own legs, not follow his path. Jake on the other hand, was just too lazy and not interested. 
A smile appeared on his face as he reached out for her tiny hand, "You're adorable." 
"Si!!" She said again and smiled wide, the smile that could make even the most awkward moment seem forgotten. If I hadn't started working for David? This little girl and the love of my life wouldn't be here. 
My mom's head flicked up to us as her husband stared mesmerized by the baby, a smile playing on her lips, "Have you found out the sex yet? For the twins?" 
"Girls," I said with a proud edge in my voice, my hand setting on top of her belly and making her tilt her head to grin at me. 
"Jo wants a house full of girls... he's crazy," She grinned wider at me, wrinkling her nose when he tilted his head down to kiss my forehead and then my lips chastely.
I shrugged nonchalantly, used to being called crazy all the time. There was Ry's doctor, Ry's dad, Ry's sister and my brother who constantly reminded me how crazy I was but I couldn't care less. I loved my girls too much, that got me crazy. "I love girls." I said simply.
"They're going to give you a hard time when they'll be older." My dad said with a grin on his face as he sat next to my mom and reached for Sienna who looked at him suspiciously.
I raised one eyebrow, "What would you know? You had boys." I said and I didn't mean to be harsh or anything, but the fact that he was pointing that out annoyed me for some reason.
He seemed to ignore me and turned my daughter in his arms, poking her nose repeatedly and making her giggle while she tried to catch his finger. Ry and I had made the cutest girl on earth. "Speaking of which, how's Jake?" He asked instead, his eyes not moving from Sienna.
"I thought he'd come with you." My mom interjected, sighing a little.
"Did he had to work?" My dad asked and Ry and I looked at each other. My guess was that none of my parents had heard from him in a long time.
"He's fine, we left him in NY." Ryan answered and offered a smile, keeping it vague as she looked at my mom.
"Jee." Sienna made a funny face before breaking in a fit of giggle again. Someone was in a good mood today, probably for all the attentions she was getting.
I ran my hand through my hair, smiling at my baby, "She adores Jake. I don't get why." I said honestly, making my mom laugh. 
"He sings to her everynight and she loves that." Ry explained, grinning up at me.
My dad seemed to wake up from his daze and his eyes flickered in my direction as Sienna wiggled in his hold, "Everynight?" He questioned.
"Did you think about the names for the twins?" My mom asked, ignoring my dad and saving us from an awkward moment. I wasn't going to tell him that my brother was broke and homeless and a pain in my a.ss. If they found out? They wouldn't be happy.
"Stella and Sara." Ry answered as she bent over to stretch her arms out for Sienna whose feet were now on the floor and she was ready to run to her mom.
"The Scott girls all start with s." I grinned like an idiot as I watched my daughter bury her face in Ry's chest. She was an amazing baby girl and I felt bad for keeping her away from her grandparents.
"Just like my boys both start with J," My mom smiled with a proud look on her pretty face. 
"Exactly," Ryan said and lowered her head to blow a raspberry on Sienna's neck, her laughter breaking the silence in the room and making everyone smile. She had the most gorgeous smile, her laugh was even better and made my heart melt for how cute she sounded. "You're in a good mood today Monkey!" 
She bounced on her mom's knees, grinning wide and clapping her hands in response. 
"Such a happy baby." My mom leaned her head on my dad's shoulder before tilting it back to look at him, "Remember when Joseph was that big?" 
"You might need to grab a few photo albums to remind me," He grinned back at her. What about no? 
Ryan glanced at me out of the corner of her eye as I wished she'd stop them. "Please do," She said while turning her head and smiling at me. 
My lips parted but my mom was already up and moving, disappearing into the hallway for not more than a minute before returning with two large albums. "Jo was such a handful. When Jake was born he'd always ask if we could bring him back to the store where we got him," She said with a laugh, Ry's eyes widening as a small laugh escaped her. 
"Jo! No wonder you're afraid of how Sienna will be with the twins. You were a monster!" My wife nudged me as Sienna reached over for my shirt. 
I took the baby from her and held her close to me, "I was never a monster and neither will you be." 
"Mon-" She tried repeating but gave up, nuzzling against my chest instead and closing her eyes. All the excitement from the day and all the new faces she had seen, already wearing her out. She had to be exhausted and to be honest I'd be happy to nap too. 
"He went through a shy phase in his teens," My added quickly. "Gave us a break for a while, thank god." 
Ry leaned her head against my shoulder and ran a hand through Sienna's hair slowly and carefully, "He was such a good boy when we met. I think that's why I fell for him so fast."
I glanced at my wife as a smile made its way on my lips. Sometimes I felt like forever had passed since I was that guy, I was completely different now. I parted my lips but my mom cut me off once again, "You two were both pretty innocent when you met." She pointed out, the look on her face weird like she was thinking hard about something.
"It didn't last long though." My dad interjected and I didn't know what he meant, if he was referring at the day when our first marriage failed or what.
"Would have you ever told that we'd be parents so soon?" I asked hurriedly, not wanting to take any risk. The past was the past and maybe without all the mistakes we wouldn't be where we were.
"No." My dad answered in a second, his eyes landing on Sienna as he smiled, "But it seems like you're doing a good job."
I shrugged, acting like that comment didn't affect, "So far." I said quietly as I tilted my head down to kiss Sienna and causing her to make a sound that basically meant that she didn't want to be disturbed. 
"You'll be great with the twins too." Ryan reassured me, like she always did, setting her hand on mine and squeezing it as she looked at me.
"Just because I have you." I said and for a moment I forgot that my parents were there. 
Then my mom reminded me. "How are you going to handle them with your job?" She asked and I noticed my dad raising one eyebrow.
"I'll find a way." I answered quietly, because I was sure I'd manage to make everything work. I even had David by my side, he was already crazy about Sienna, only god knew how two other cuties could do to him. 
"My sister helps us a lot, we'll be fine." Ry helped me there, the look on her face calm and smiley like nothing could touch her. I had married such a strong amazing woman, she made me proud everyday.
My father nodded, smiling back at my wife, "Do you have plans for Christmas?"
"I think we'll spoil Sienna during her last days as an only child." She grinned, rubbing her belly as she eyed out monkey who was now asleep against my chest. Having her sleeping against me was the best thing on earth, I loved hearing her breath, feeling her weight and her warm tiny body on me.
"We'll just stay home." I added with a smile, the thought only made me happy since I loved spending time with my girls.
"We might be in town...we haven't been in New York in years." My mom trailed off timidly, playing with her fingers. "We could ask Jake if we can stay at his place."
"Jake lives with us temporarily." I said in monotone, not adding any other detail but glancing at Ryan. I didn't know if having my parents in town was a good idea, the thought made me nervous.
Ryan kept her face neutral, not giving away anything since they obviously had no idea what their youngest son was up to. They had already lost most contact with me, but they were still hanging on to that sliver of hope with Jake. I honestly had no idea of how to handle the situation, not wanting to out my brother but not knowing what to say either. My wife though, was better than me. "He helps out a lot and we're thankful to have him," She said with a smile, my head tilting in her direction as I raised an eyebrow. Jake has got better, despite a few moments when he was so obnoxious I wanted to kick his face, but I didn't know if we could call him helpful. I was glad to have him though, at least if Ryan didn't feel good I knew that she wasn't alone. 
"Really?" Allen asked, the first to speak up. Even he looked skeptical. 
Ry nodded, "He's amazing with Sienna. She loves him." 
"She loves anyone who gives her attention though," I added with a smirk, getting a grin out of her as she nudged me lightly. 
"That's true also," Ry admitted. 
"I'm glad to hear that my boys are close again," My mom smiled and looked like she was relaxing finally. "Jo used to be really overprotective of Jake... after the whole trying to get rid of him bit," She cracked a grin and opened one of the photo albums, turning it towards my wife so she could see a page full of me and a much smaller Jake. 
"You were the cutest ever," She grinned up at me, turning back to the book and flipping the page. 
"Cuter than Sienna?" I asked while she shrugged her shoulders and smirked. 
"Second cutest," Ry joked, turning her head to eye our sleeping daughter who looked like an angel in my arms, her shoulders moving up and down as she breathed with her lips slightly parted. She made a small fist and rubbed her face, mouth opening wide to yawn. "We do make cute babies together."
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