"you don't want to be alone. i can say it's what you know, but you've known it the whole time."

full name | ariana (joan) grande-butera.

age | freshly eighteen years old. 

birthday | december twenty-ninth, nineteen ninety four.

status | single, per usual.

nicknames | ari, cupcake, grande. nothing out of ordinary for her.

likes |

♥ taking a long, hot bath after a long day. it gets her muscles to un-wind and it also makes her remember the good parts in life, before she has to go and be stressed out again. she is also in love with her strawberry scented shampoo, so obviously she finds pleasure in her bath tub. 

♥ curling up with a good book after her bath or shower helps her creative juices begin to flow, and it also helps her fall asleep. ariana rarely gets a good night's rest and it helps that books are always there to comfort her when she can't sleep. however, even though they bring her sleep most of the time there have been times she fell asleep in class due to staying up until o'dark thirty reading a book she simply couldn't put down.

♥ being told she is good enough. if we are being completely honest, those are a few words everyone wishes to hear in their lifetime. ariana realizes she has been very lucky as to have some good friends to tell her those things, but they have all left her. everyone leaves her, and she finds new friends who make the same promises. she likes being blindly optimistic, though: gives her a sense of purpose.

dislikes |

♥ horror films get her blood running and her adrenaline through the roof, as do roller coasters. she hates both with a deep, fiery passion she just can't explain. she hates the anxious build-up that gets her heart thudding in her chest, when her nerves are on the edge of exploding. she can't stand that feeling. some people love it, some people don't: she's obviously someone who shows no interest in it.

♥ the summer. yes, it makes no sense: but let her explain. she hates the hot weather, and getting salt water in her mouth. she hates getting sand in her car and clothing and not being able to get the taste of salt water out of her mouth for weeks. sure, being tan is wonderful and she loves getting new swim wear and working out to look bikini-ready but other than that, she doesn't see many perks. 

♥ rap music. she just doesn't understand what's important about drowning in p u s s i e s and swimming to butts, and the fact that you only live once. well congratulations, captain obvious. she's listened to more obscure music since she was younger and she doesn't mind rap when she's getting ready or running to get pumped up, but she doesn't listen to it in her free time. she would much rather listen to more meaningful lyrics than "all i want for my birthday is a big booty hoe."

job | she is currently teaching the three to four year old ballet class at her dance studio, but things are hard to balance with company and competition season, alongside her own privates with the woman who started the studio about twenty years back. she loves the children more than anything, and working with them is a blast however, she's never been good with time management.

biography | here you have this bubbly, exuberant red-head who has wanted nothing more out of her life than to be noticed. since she was little, she breathed for attention. she is like tinker bell: she needs applause to live. it's a little self-centered, but she's not all that bad. she's lived her life in the shadows of everyone else and she just wants attention for herself, and that makes her reckless quite often. she's more irrational than the rest of her friends, and acts primarily on instinct alone. she doesn't think things through, and that gets her into tons of trouble. she's done good things and bad things with her life, but she's trying to turn herself around. ariana has gone through every stage possible to get her parents attention: suicidal, emo, gothic, preppy, cheerleader, ghetto (which is more popularly known as "chonga"), athletic.. you name it, she's done it. she's done drugs, she's cut herself, she's sent nude photos and all of that will come back to haunt the broadway-wanna-be, but she doesn't care. she'll do anything to get the attention of someone, and anyone. she's not a bad kid, and she never has been.. but she has a reputation, and is probably the most tainted between herself, selena and kendall. she keeps a lot to herself, mostly because her mind isn't always the best place to be. then again, no one's mind really is. she has been singing show tunes since she was just a small child, but her sister was on the verge of graduating at the top of her class. as soon as her sister was gone, the red-head got into dance lessons and was excelling! but her brother made varsity basketball, first string. there were multiple recitals and competitions missed because of what her siblings had going on, and though ariana really did love her siblings and she was so glad they were doing well she wanted some care from her parents. they never looked at her: even when her brother was gone, they brought a new life into the family. then her younger sister got all the attention, and ariana was tired of it. that was when she became reckless: she is ashamed of it now, but she knows that it made her who she is today. she's not ashamed of who she is now, of what she has become. she is ashamed of what she did to get here, though. who would be proud of smoking pot in their parent's room? of sleeping with their teacher and getting them arrested? of sending naked pictures around school? no one. she won't let those bumps in the road stop her, though. she's just glad mrs. linda saw her determination and drive, and still continued to let her dance at her studio. she took to her quickly, and mrs. linda is very much her mother as her biological mother was: except mrs. linda showed up to recitals and competitions, clapped for her and bought her new leotards and ballet shoes when she outgrew them (or tore them up due to hours and hours of preparation for a big moment). what she has learned so far is that there is always a silver lining. now it's just time for her to attempt finding it again. 

| i'm actually terrible at writing biographies and auditioning and all that jazz i do completely apologize ahead of time |
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