Are you ready to move on? 
But I can tell that you're holding onto things that wont fly. And I can tell that you don't like it. 
And you're beginning to let go of the shit to get by. 
// Impatience is a virtue - Two Door Cinema Club


Okay, the first thing I have to say is that this set is inspired by the absolutly wonderful @lost-in-senseless-dreams. I don't really know what to say about her, she's so nice and makes absolutly amazing sets and I wish mine were as good as hers. I consider her one of my best friends on here, even if that seems a little weird because we've never even met in real life. If you haven't already I'd suggest you go and check out her sets and fave them all because they are so good. 

The second thing that I was going to say was that can you ignore the small grey box in the corner, when I clipped it I didn't realise it was there and then I deleted the set so I couldn't clip it again and then I couldn't remember what items went there :/

Third thing, I'm feeling rather sad because we're going to have to cancel the holiday to Morocco :( because it's comlicated but basically someone fell ill and it was the person who booked the holiday. There's a very very small chance that we wont be able to cancel it and my parents will go anyway, but it wont be the same :/

I was going to put a more elaborated view on the perks of being a wallflower here but it wouldn't copy and paste on my iPod, so I'll post it when I can be bothered to type it up. 

I have homework to do and it's 10 past nine. 
oh well, I have 20 minutes when I get to school tomorrow (and by the way, there might be police there because some 'popular' girl had a party in a field and someone called the police. The girl I sit next to in maths was there and was smoking weed when they showed up. They didn't catch her, but someone else in my year got caught with it along with vodka and cigarettes. Teenagers are so fucked up these days.)

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