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too far gone | sir sly


i'm not 100% satisfied with this set... i know what i want to make but i just can't put it to action!!!! which is really frustrating. what is happening to meeee and my older nice sets idk. my sets get better with every collab but with me posting a chunk of 10 sets per month but then i post another lot of sets and they're a completely different style (colour scheme, picture wise) -__- idk man. its because i'm not transitioning with my sets. the changes are very "stark"

macey @d0ntblink and i now have matching icons, let's see how long this will last hahaha

every time i change my bio loads of people copy it so idk what to do now because if i change it again the same thing will happen lol.. your bio is meant to be unique and mine /was/ unique until everyone else's became the same so what are u doing !!!!! u know who u are :-) it's really frustrating as well... please make your own layouts and do your own thing, make it look different from everyone else's. i try to, but then it gets spoiled, so do you see how that's frustrating for me? yeah

i mean there are LOADS of amazingly original people on here that i admire a lot but then there's those people who jump into a new trend every week or 'subtly' take others ideas without "really meaning to." it's okay to be into trends but you shouldn't take someone else's unique idea and then replicate it, then start a chain with everyone else replicating it too. i really don't like to complain about it but i know there are people out there who get copied a lot too. we talk about it not to brag (which would be stupid anyway) but because it's so annoying and many others don't get it

but yeah, it's annoying.. especially people taking other's unique ways and turning them into trends. just because someone makes something unique and cool, it doesn't exactly mean you can try it out too when you know that it's their /thing/. i wish everyone had their own unique /thing/ and i wish others wouldn't steal it. i wish everyone had it in them to try something new that no one's done before. but it's kind of inevitable, the kind of thing that takes small changes. a few people at a time, trying new things and not inspiring others to copy their new ideas, but inspiring others to make their own ideas too

i didn't mean to make an #originalityrant oops. i'm writing this at midnight and i'm inspired. ignore how weird this set is too, i can't decide if it's jemma-esque at all. i think it's good for your sets to be recognisable. i'm not going to lie, sometimes i think others make others' sets, and i mistake them for the wrong person. but again, there are also loads of set styles i truly recognise and can identify really quickly. be someone with sets that are YOU, sets that are recognisable and unique! don't be that person who tries out everyone's set style just to experiment

it's kind of ironic how i can talk about originality when i literally have the most basic sets ever but okay lolol. i, at least, reckon my sets are recognisable most of the time. perhaps not lately because i keep trying out different layouts. i had such a good set streak in the first half of 2015, you could really tell a jemma set when you saw one but now idk. what do you think??? :-) i'm trying to ease back into my first-half-of-2015 set style because i loved that. but anyway i'm not trying to make anyone feel bad, don't ask if this is about someone certain

i meant to make this really short but then i wrote the thing about my bio oops.... ok don't copy my bio pls thanks love u

comment whether you prefer dark or light wash jeans if you read all of this lol

- jemma

6.2.16 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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