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Name: Laurel Archibald
Age: 19
Parents: Lola Rhodes (Ella Rae Peck) and Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) 
Likes: tropical juice, bright lingerie, boys, street art, the party scene, cigarettes, summer, runways, miu miu, denim, girls, revenge, loud music, horror films, the zoo
Dislikes: sour orange juice, silk, over-confidence, alleys, classical music, gossip girl, mess, busy places, one direction, 'hipsters', coffee, deadlines
Bio: The rich and pampered label that has always been forced upon Laurel by society, allowing others to disregard the real girl hidden behind the fashionable clothing and flawless smile. She inheritted both of her parents wealth and title but she doesn't necessary flaunt it like other girls strutting around the Upper East Side. Laurel is almost identical to her father in several ways- she's a trusting and warm person who cares specifically for her friends and family. She gives incredible advice when her friends are in times of need or struggle and she will not fail to make someone smile or laugh. But what people aren't aware of- is the bad side of Laurel. How can such a sweet girl have a bad or mean side? Easy. If a friend of hers is being targetted, Laurel turns into a massive b.tch with very aggressive motives and has been known in previous times to lash out. She won't back down and she knows very well how to use her good looks and charms to manipulate anyone. It seems like Laurel- the sweetheart- isn't that much of a sweetheart after all.
Secret(s): Laurel is a girl with many secrets- she is aware that they won't stay secrets for long but hopes they will be left untold for the time being. Laurel has kept the secret that she is bi away from both of her parents and society due to not wanting to be judged. She also is being slowly crushed under the pressure of trying to keep everyone happy- the stress has caused Laurel to experiment with alcohol and drinking heavily at times. And last but not least, Laurel has Intermittent Explosive Disorder and is currently seeking help
Relationship status: in a complicated relationship
Model: Ulya Trukhina
Taken by: @sarahstardom

Hello there, lovelies. I'm Laurel- to the new kids in town- don't be scared to approach me because I'm honestly very friendly and open. Those who are locals- you should know me very well. If you're a friend of mine, feel free to text me but for those who aren't so friendly- I love you.

xx L

(Please comment below whether Laurel and your character would be- enemies, frenemies, friends, best friends, sisters)
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