@vanessamalfoy i tried to do it like yours, you know the clothes but i couldn't find any clothes like Master related so i used these instead :/ do you think i tried to hard? is it rubbish? 

guys, I'm like re-watching Doctor Who and I'm re-watching episodes with the Master, and I really think that the Master is the perfect villain for him. A villain is suppose to cause you pain, like real pain that you just want to A. just destroy yourself or B. just destroy the hell out of the villain. And the Master is perfect because he does cause the Doctor pain, so much pain that when the Master dies in his arms he cries. That he really wants to fix the Master because that's his own kind and it's like let's say you are the only human left in the whole universe and you found out you are not the only one anymore but the other human is insane and you just want to fix them so they can be with you, so you don't have to be alone but they die in your arms, and you couldn't stop them or fix them, you tried everything you could but it didn't happen. And that's what the Doctor feels. He feels so much pain because now he is really the only Time-Lord left and with the Master gone it's like he lost a part of himself or he lost a part of his family (which he has felt before in the Time-War, I think) 

But yeah, I feel like the Master is the perfect villain for the Doctor, no matter what. It's like he is fighting a battle with himself or his own kind, which can teach you important lessons in the end. 

Oh and by the way I feel like Moriarty/Master are perfect for each-other. Two perfect villains, and when the Master said in the episode "The sounds of the drums" remember those fairy-tales they used to tell us Doctor. It just reminded me of Moriarty and his little fairy-tale game with Sherlock. I think the Master and Moriarty together it will make a whole big giant evil villain, which is even better. So yeah I might make a Moriarty/Master set soon.
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